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UBER 24" possible Project

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If there was demand for it we do have a design for a motor between the GUJvX and UHv1. It would give a BL2/Re right around 200, with all else the same as the GUJ18vX. Price would be almost exactly halfway between the UH21v1 and GUJ18vX.

The other option could be a slightly souped up TSADv1, we could get the BL2/Re on it up to around 200 for not much higher cost, would end up nearly the same cost as the GUJ18vX.

I would be curious what your other driver options are anyways. I think you make some great drivers and if I can in the future will probably look at getting a custom souped up TSAD 18" from you. Will have to look at a guestimate T/S to see what it simms like to see if that will work. BUT we will see.


My wants are not usually the needs of the masses. I would love to have an uber 15" that does great in a TH/FLH's. Also would love to build a pair of monster horns using quad 12's with a custom driver. BUT for now I will just see what your company comes out with. BUT its also hard to beat value of 18's verse multiple drivers. SO that being said an uber 18 comes back into play. As I said an 18 with T/S like the TC 5100 would be my wants. Dont expect that driver to be cheap though. Probably the same price as the 5100 was.

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