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One or Two for the same budget?

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LAT    0

I'm upgrading my 5.1 system and will be adding either one or two subs.


I've narrowed it down to either the new SVS SB16 for 2K, or 2x HSU-15 Mk2's for $1.8K.


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shadyJ    19

I don't think Hsu offers any subs called the SB13s. Anyway, these subs are a bit different. If you mean the Hsu ULS-15s, they will get you more performance, but the SVS is a more premium subwoofer. The SB16 has a heavier duty build, a lot more features, a much nicer finish, etc. but it terms of raw performance, it isn't likely to beat two ULS-15 mk2s by itself. 

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