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Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

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Samps it's really no different than a vented cab. Look at the group delay measurements for the cab or the spectrogram. Consider these during design in your simulation software. In general the deeper the frequency the less group delay or ringing is of a concern IMHO. Below 25Hz it is much more difficult to hear than at 100Hz. 100Hz is less of a concern than 300Hz, etc. Pay more attention to the upper / XO range of the design you are working on. You don't want sudden spikes in delayed energy or ringing in narrow frequency bands either. As long as GD is smooth over the operational bandwidth and remains below 1 cycle of delay I don't worry about it. For an example of a bad sub issue that was audible look at the DTS10 at 55Hz. Also even if the cab imparts significant overall time of flight delay such as with a large FLH the mains can be delayed relative to the subs to match more closely over the XO region. A small room such as most HT's will greatly affect this far more than a few ms delay inherent in the design.

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Thanks.   I haven't decided on whether to build the half skhorn or try to modify my existing ported cab.  My theory is that I already have the ported section and it performs exactly how I want it to.  Seems simple enough to just add the horn section onto it.  Biggest difference would be that the mouth would not be adjacent to the port.   I could actually build the mouth as big as I want if it would help any.  

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