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Bulding the Room2 listening room

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@maxmercy, I use a modified 10" driver, it is an old discontinued seas. 10" is a good size - good area for sensitivity, not too large so it does not change the sound field it is supposed to measure.

The 3x has less velocity in the important 30-40hz range, and a little less above up to around 120hz. Changing eq or delay on the BL back unit changes velocity response.

The 3x sounds better because it fills in a dip in the response around 60hz, phase is same, spectrogram is a little better.

The loss in velocity 30-40hz is noticeable. The increased v at ulf is more noticeable, because low freq noise stands out and becomes annoying - too much is not good. Further experiments can be to move the high-pass on the BL up in frequency, this will change the phase and perhaps make the velocity smoother - less ulf, fill in the dip 30-40hz.

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