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Fantastic Four (2015) - Discussion and Poll

Fantastic Four (2015)  

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Fantastic 4 (2015) - DTSHD-MA 7.1


Level - 4 Stars (110.97dB composite)

Extension - 4 Stars (12 Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.86dB)

Execution - TBD

Overall - TBD


Recommendation  - TBD


Notes - 'meh' overall.  No thing to really see or any new twists on anything that is the F4 franchise.  While the first F4 film was passable, the second was not so good and this one is about the same.  A couple of hard 20Hz hits, but that is about it.  Origin stories every 10 yrs are going to get old....quick.  Only I liked is that 'The Thing' looks better than the terrible makeup they put on Michael Chiklis.





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Movie was terrible IMO, but that ~15 minute stretch toward the end was a LOT of LFE fun! It was painful sitting through this film though for me.

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