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List of Common Bass Movie Acronyms

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Here's a list I created a couple of years ago on a different site, but had stopped maintaining.  If you don't see a common bass movie acronym on the list, reply with your suggestion and it'll be considered.


Note: if a link doesn't take you to the exact measurements of the movie, just hit F5 to reload the page. (This has to do with bad browser rendering when multiple image placeholders try to display at once, not the site itself or your computer.)



AIL = All Is Lost















EtE or E2E = Earth to Echo



GG or TGG = The Great Gatsby





IM, IM2, IM3 = Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3









MoS = Man of Steel






PR or PacRim = Pacific Rim






T1, T2, T3 = Terminators 1, 2 & 3







THL or HL = The Hurt Locker



T:L = Tron: Legacy







WWZ = World War Z


ZDT or ZD30 = Zero Dark Thirty

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Thanks!  You might also want to clarify the remakes like FOTP and TR with years to clarify which version is being referred to.

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