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Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

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i hope someday you find M-force to test for.


waiting to see M-force in a proper 44hz tapped horn in car DbDrag scene too, of course one m-force cant beat 10pc 18"

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Final quarter of 2017 update. 

JTR Speakers Captivator 212Pro results have just been posted. 

KRK Systems 12S2 subwoofer testing is done. Should be posted next.

WW Speakers / Mark Seaton designed X21 cabinet loaded with B&C  21DS115-4 driver testing is done. Will be posted ASAP as well. This was tested with both vents open and with a vent plugged and with both the Powersoft K20 and an Inuke 3000DSP. That's 4 full measurement sets. We're killing a lot birds with one stone on this one. We have some information on the Inuke 3000DSP amp driving a real load. We have the 21DS115-4 driver itself, which a lot of people are interested in and lastly we have the X21 vented cabinet which is available off the shelf to fit a variety of pro 21's. I tell you the cab is built solid and of course Mark designed it well. It is not cheap but it certainly offers an easy button option. 

Next up is a set of 3 subwoofers from one of the commercial vendors. I'm not totally sure these will be public on the site since the MFG reserves the right to decide whether the results are public or private. I believe they will be though as so far their behavior appears to be well designed. 

And...After that...I have a couple of cabs from a pro audio company that will be on deck. Not sure these will be public yet either but I suspect so. 

I'm trying to get this all tested and posted by the end of the year. That's the goal. I have more DIY type driver tests sitting in the wings too. 

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I've got a couple of pro woofers on hand for 2018 so far. I need to do some more testing with the 21DS115-4, but I also have a JBL 2269H 18 and 2 18Sound 21's the 21NLW9601 and 21ID.

I also have a couple of vented pro subs I didn't get to in 2017.

Even more JTR Speakers testing is on the schedule for when spring gets here.

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20 hours ago, shrub0 said:

Don't have one to offer, but how about a midbass monster?


There are about a hundred things I'd like to test but I only have so much time. Someone would have to provide the driver AND a cabinet. I only have a small sealed cab for 12" drivers at the moment and I just can't build a cab for every driver that comes through.

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Umm.... Hmmm....



32" subwoofer


Oh boy.

Okay. Let's check the "parameters" shall we...?

Vas .... 50 liters ? Really?

Qts .... .21



" dual 4-layer 6 inch voice coils "



*Ponders what other .21 Qts drivers look like*


Yyyeah nope.


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