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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Instead of constantly derailing my own subwoofer rising project, I though it better to start a seperate topic to compare to very good drivers with each other. As far as I can see the B2 Audio brand is very reputably, but not so known. They are also European based ("Sweet Like Danish") which is why I doubt any of you know of them. Goal is for a sealed (or ported if it all possible) enclosure (max 290L / 10cuft internal withouth bracing and driver) to cross the sub 30hz region flat and as low as possible. Hopefully down to 10-15hz. I will probably end up building 2 so you can take that into consideration. My room is about 100 cubic meter / 3600cuft. Listening volumes are low (I only listen at 85-90dbs generally, but the bass can be higher ofcourse), but I do want some headroom (and option to use them at reference level if at all possible). B2 Audio driver: Dayton Audio UM1822
  2. Hello guys I have built two sealed DIY subwoofers around 135 liters with 15" dayton ultimax drivers powered with an inuke 3000DSP that i am very pleased with. I use them in my small dedicated home cinema with brick walls and around 14 square meters. I am currently experimenting with different settings in order to achieve optimal performance. I have been told just to set the HPF to the lowest possible on the inuke which is 20hz but also that i can turn it off completely if i use sealed boxes. Here is the measured difference with HPF on and off As you can see, I can make it allmost flat down to 10hz but i assume that this is also very hard on the amp and taking headroom. As mentioned earlier, this is a very small room with brick walls so i assume that i am getting a lot of free room gain. Do you have reccomendations on how to set the HPF?
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