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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, Just thought I'd post some pics up of the boxes I have commissioned for my 4 x 18" SI HT drivers. Should be roughly 7.5 cu ft per box, and I will run the D2 drivers to show a CV5000 2Ohm per channel, which should mean 2500wRMS is available for each pair of drivers. (I am aware that Bosso is not keen on the similarly constructed Marathon IIRC? but the CV5000 is the lowest cost option over here without going for a Clone, which I am reluctant to do for warranty reasons!) I've modelled them as only really coming close to 22.5mm XMax around 8Hz and below, and as the amp is -3dB at 5Hz and the drivers XMech is about 30mm, roll off and the extra few mm between XMax and XMech should mean the drivers are relatively safe... assuming I don't cook the coils, of course... I've not heard a PPSL sub before so I hope I like the apparently very clean sound (although the odd-order third-harmonic dominating the harmonics it does have may be an issue) but there is enough room in the design to swap the 'out' driver back to 'in' if I hate it. They should hopefully be complete in 3 or 4 weeks time, then I just have to buy a mic, REW my room, identify if I need an EQ solution, order all the cabling and connections, possibly run cabling to the airing cupboard if I can't get the amp in the same room without it being too noisy (I am reluctant to swap fans out for warranty reasons), and then spend what I'm sure will be a while tweaking things to get a flat response down to as low as it can go (fingers crossed). The other main issue is that I'm going to be stacking them with some risers, so the driver centre-lines are at 1/4 and 3/4 room heights, but as each sub is going to be about 17 stone and the amp is 6 stone (and may go in the centre riser), I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get them stacked... lol
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