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Found 1 result

  1. Surprised to find no thread on this one. IMHO, it's the singular most overwhelming movie soundtrack out there, at least to my knowledge. I still haven't found a track that is as visceral, as devastating and as impressive as this one is. While there are contenders in some areas, on the whole this one just smashes. Not only in terms of low-bass, but the entire sound mix is a stunner. It's clean, loud without distorsion and has some of the best dynamics and use of surrounds ever. Standouts - not surprisingly - are the two major Hulk throw-downs. At the university, the awesome first roar almost feels like it pushes you back into your seat as it spreads through the surrounds with an enveloping sense of authority. The realistic, chest-pounding heft of machine guns reigns fire all across the soundscape, and the sonic cannons will assault your ears (and your home theatre... and your walls, and windows) with you enjoying every second of it. And then there is of course the "Harlem shake" with the Hulk and the Abomination throwing down in NY. The fist blow following the cop car smash can easily make carpets and curtains fly with that massive ULF burst. It's the only movie in my collection that actually makes my pulse rise. It's a sonic thrill-ride!
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