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Found 1 result

  1. Beastaudio's signal chain starts with an OPPO 103 running into a Marantz AV7702 receiver, sub out into a minidsp 2ch XLR and then into 2 amps for his 8 front HT18's and 2 near field HST18s. I ran a loop of his Marantz's sub out jack and added the minidsp bypassed to the mix to see what rolloff the small signal chain stuff had. I'm very impressed with the low end response of the Marantz, it is very close to the OPPO 105's analog sub out. I'll have to post a comparison of the 2 in the appropriate thread sometime soon. RED trace is the Marantz sub out and the GREEN is the minidsp added to it. I've been very curious of the AV7702's ability to handle high levels of re-directed bass without clipping the signal for a while now. I was also curious to see if the OPPO (which has been proven to clip movie tracks with hot re-directed bass) http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/379-maxmercys-wcs-test-disc-beta-and-an-o-scope/?p=6640 would end up passing the clipped signal out of the HDMI port digitally since the problem is apparently in the OPPO's digital section. I was relieved to find out that it didn't and if you attenuate the Marantz AVR's sub out or MVL by at least 10.5dB you will be for sure safe against clipping in a worst case scenario for a 7.1 track with re-directed bass. I just came up with a new design for an adjustable, all analog bang for buck sub preamp that can output over 16V peaks clean. It can be used as an LT, line booster/attenuator, RCA to XLR active converter or signal chain rolloff booster. I brought a prototype to the GTG and Bosso and I dialed in a quick curve on it to replace Beast's minidsp in the signal chain mainly due to the fact that it is flat in frequency response to below 1Hz, has a higher dynamic range and it is more flexible in the LT curve it can apply to a sealed setup. The WHITE trace is the mini DSP and the RED trace is the new SEQSS-V (dash V for variable) at the MLP. After re-calibrating the gain stages we then played some gun shot scenes from John Wick http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/372-john-wick-discussion-poll-closed/ for reference to test the system adjustment. Even though Beast's system is located in a basement, it has gobs of tactile ULF punch and this was the perfect scene to experience the ass whoopin' that it can dish out. Then we played EOT's intro square wave sustained brutality and you gotta love Brandon... he has no problem pushing the limits of whatever system is at his finger tips. He pushed his system until reaching the amps' breaking point and fortunately his Crest and Peavey have reliable protection circuits. You could hear an unpleasant transient sound when they kicked in at the end of the 15Hz tone as they severly limited the output of the following tone. Not sure if this was really reference level, my guess is that it was quite a bit hotter but I wasn't running the SPL meter at the time. I wish I had more time to measure to see at what point the amp's power tapered off but there were just too many cool people to socialize with so you guys will have to forgive me. Then we hooked up 2 of dgage's Mariana HS24 subs. Here are a couple quick measurements: BLUE trace is a close mic and the RED trace is the MLP. Room was obviously fighting us on this but we didn't have the space or time to tame the peak at 15Hz. Gage then picked Lone Survivor's helicopter scene as a reference scene to demo: I had no idea how brutal this scene was as I totally missed this movie. It had the 24's moving for sure and sounded powerful. I had many more things that I wanted to measure and post about but this was a pretty special GTG IMO (TWO mods from DB?!) and I just couldn't pass up on conversing with as many people as possible. You guys are all as cool as ice and I was happy to spend time with all of you. And Brandon: thanks buddie, you are hands down the host with the most, your theater is top freaking notch, bad to the bone. I really enjoyed the giant image of the Atmos demo and your low end is world class!
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