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  1. Ain't that the truth. I voted 2 stars for sound. I also agree buy cause it's Bond. At least that's what I did. But the sound on this movie really left me wanting more. Funny, the opening bass thump sound effect thing made both my wife and I look at each other like, "here we go" but from there on the sound sucked. Admittedly, I'm tough on votes because I'm sick of junk sound tracks and whats the point of a 5 point rating system if nothing is ever rated 1 or 2. As for the movie as a bond movie, it was fairly weak. I enjoyed it, but it was quite vanilla IMO. The bad guy didn't even hold a gun as far as I can remember. The Spectre meeting where he sat in a shadow made him seem really bad ass to be honest, but then he was just a dork from then on. Which is a shame and a waste of talent because in Inglorious Bastards he was possibly the best villain I've ever watched on screen. Very impressive performance in that movie. In this, he was just a soft geek with a lot of money. Very little action too. Good sets, good score, good car, good Q, good M, good Money Penny, good Bond, but that's it IMO.
  2. So I take it a couple of HS24s went poof at a GTG? Who cares. Happens. I suppose Dave and Nick might be defensive because of a recent discussion advocating humongous amounts of power? Oh well, use it as a data point and continue to forge excellent design criteria based on that knowledge combined with all other available data. Not sure why it needs to be kept a secret when a sub is popped. If I smoke a tweeter cause I cross it to low, it's a fantastic opportunity to get it right next time!
  3. Scott, efficient has theoritically stayed the same in your example. Sensitivity has gone up because the power has doubled. The power has doubled and so has the output. Same. In reality, amplifiers/speakers are usually a little less efficient at lower impedances. More true for amps. This is why you see an amp measure say 500/950/1700 @ 8/4/2 ohms. That's just a random made up example. The power ALMOST doubles when halving the impedance. Problem is, the current draw from the wall is usually more than double, so efficiency has decreased slightly. I think this is what Dave was meaning in his context. Amps/systems are more efficient when using higher impedance.
  4. Inside joke? I like that scene. Makes the choppers feel really realistic. I don't listen at reference so I haven't had troubles with it, but I could see it really being a power suck at reference level!
  5. Wow. Shoot. I'm really torn. I haven't bought it yet. It's a bond movie but but but,,, that's bad. Especially after Skyfall was pretty decent.
  6. What sort of feature is around the baffle perimeter? Did you rout a V-groove around it or something?
  7. Surprised nobody has answered this. I don't think you should compare the graphs from a commercial site. Chances are they have put a favorable lighting on them. Also unless they detail exactly how they measure, they may not be comparable. Ricci gives these subwoofers a real work out.
  8. Sounds like Mark really made things right. Glad he took care of you cause I'd like to buy subs from him. Sounds like that won't be a problem
  9. Stupid auto correct. Ricci. Not Rocco. On my phone and can't seem to edit.
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