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  1. lol @ worrying about young teens - half of them are playing Call of Duty while shouting "Fuck, yeah!!!!" by the age of 12 nowadays!
  2. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    Those cabs look hilariously excessive lol I can't wait for you to fire everything up - I hope the amps behave, although you won't be short of firepower even if one does die at any point! Stuffing too much might make them sound muffled, but some stuffing does reduce ringing, if I understand things correctly It will change the Q of the box (and therefore the response curve) but you will be EQing them anyway so any change won't be an issue!
  3. MemX

    form backonline

    Thanks for fixing it!
  4. I finally got round to reading the data on these - that's pretty crazy stuff They're a remarkable 'pre-loved' steal at $850 each!
  5. Oooh, I wasn't aware a new one was coming out! Will keep an eye out for it (On a side note, does Hollywood not have any new stories? lol)
  6. Another thread that makes my head hurt Keep up the good work, chaps
  7. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    Just... awesome I feel the need for a roadtrip to experience this
  8. Finally sat down to watch The Martian last night - pretty good, I thought, cinematography- and audio-wise I agree with this comment: It was really nicely done and the kick from the sudden events had a lot more kick than usual due to the fact the dynamics are so good. I'm missing the 10Hz stuff I think - really must find the time to faff with this EQing and getting the miniDSP in... .
  9. MemX

    Equipment for sale

    Awesome offers on these It's a shame there's a rather large pond in the way as I'm sure I could find the money and a home for the latter! Hmmm... I have one of these sitting in a small sealed boombox that used to be in a car... I wonder if I could make a small PPSL if I bought this one? I recall they sounded pretty good...
  10. Excellent work!! Just to ask the question, the sub is FF, isn't it? Would be interesting to see the results of a FF vs DF test, although I imagine that's quite a lot more hard work to rotate the sub and double the number of tests... lol
  11. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    Love it The 18s look like baby speakers lol
  12. That sounds like it could get expensive real quick... lol
  13. I had to sit being deafened in the front row to watch JA - honestly, enough with the excessively long and loud action scenes, and the lack of actual plot... lol I will buy it when it is super-cheap - it does not warrant paying even half price for!
  14. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    Say, don't flights from the US to the Netherlands (have to?) stop in the UK before doing the last part of the journey? If so, I'm sure us UK folk could arrange some fun things to do if you were inclined to stop over... Awesome offer At some point in the next couple of years (hopefully... ) the missus and I are going to do a European Roadtrip, so it would be ace to pop in
  15. Looks like we need to get the new Atmos mix of Fifth Element measured - perhaps miracles might have happened!
  16. Errrrr... what? Srsly? I love that film but it sucks in the bass department compared to the stuff measured here.
  17. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    As the saying goes, "all good things come to those who wait" Can't wait for your impressions once they are in and calibrated!
  18. I finally got round to watching this tonight after I picked it up for cheap ages ago - I liked it, I liked it a lot. Excellent dynamics, had it up about -10, whereas I usually have it about -16, and the speech volume was spot on while the sound effects were suitably loud without being ridiculous. Great bass throughout and good use of the dynamic range, I will re-watch when I finally calibrate properly because some of the aircraft sounds were already weighty and I know I'm missing a lot of bottom end!
  19. Thanks for the confirmations, gents!
  20. Your room sounds about as awkward as mine - the best layout for living is not the best layout for sound!
  21. Thanks very much for these pics, they're really useful! One can see the larger motor on the DS4 And, from what I can tell, they look to be near-as-dammit identical in overall dimensions to the HT18? (Nick - can you confirm? I put my hands up and admit I've not checked the website yet... lol) Which means they could/should be a straight-swap replacement for someone who kills at HT18? I still haven't managed to find the time to properly EQ my HT18s but if the DS4 is a straight swap, I am comforted by the fact I wouldn't be left with two custom boxes that nothing fitted if I did let the magic smoke out... lol
  22. haha I totally didn't get the Blofeld thing until he mentioned it
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