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  1. A minor point, but it might be better to have more columns in the main table at http://www.data-bass.com/systems Enclosure type, number of drivers, DIY/commercial (instead it being part of name or driver column )
  2. Correction : The data-bass thd measurements are at 2m though, so 111dB measurement of dvc385 would be needed... In that case it could turn worse...
  3. Btw, isn't the THD measurement of DVC385 in the link almost like the THD measurement of UM18 / RSS460HO ? Its actually lower for DVC385, but its at 100dB, whereas the lowest lines for UM18/RSS460HO are at 105dB, so I assume both should be similar at 105 dB.. Isn't that surprising ?
  4. My question was more about "FR matching" requirement before comparing distortion levels of different drivers...
  5. Apart from the 2" coil question , I had one more doubt related to the distortion measurements : In the article they have been done at 100dB at 1m. Now due to difference in roll off of FR between UM12 and DVC385, UM12 would have higher output (between 20-40Hz) And if one EQes DVC385 to have same output as um12 below 40Hz, its otherwise low THD would rise non linearly, isn't it ? Only then can find out which of the two has a lower THD, right ? Unless one is not going to EQ or boost the SPL below 40Hz...
  6. Just thought of sharing these: http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/more-info/audio-xpress-dayton-subwoofer-review-april-2015-part-1.pdf http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/more-info/audio-xpress-dayton-subwoofer-review-april-2015-part-2.pdf I wonder how/when would just 2" voice coil of dvc385s be a problem. At very high SPL ? (Else otherwise, DVC385 has a very nice sensitivity)
  7. Any specific comparisons with RSS465HO ? Apart from slightly higher SPL with UM18, both look similar in the measured data. ( Even though HO show a much higher F3 in modeling )
  8. Yes, multiple subs would be anyways needed for even response
  9. I just picked 2 good examples of each type from data-bass for my question. Though I guess, based on responses, same will be true for say 18" ultimax sealed and 12" ultimax ported...
  10. Simply put will it be correct say that its about : reaching down below (even if its with not so high SPL and highish but probably inaudible distortion) vs not reaching down below at all ?
  11. Oh ok, I thought this is the reason ported are more used for HT... Anyways my question in general about best approach when considering the same cabinet size.. (as for same given cabinet size much bigger driver can be used sealed than ported) And I think sealed seems to be favored in that case...
  12. But from a sub perspective , aren't 20-40Hz the critical ones, esp for HT ?
  13. Generally the comparisons are done with the same driver... What if the box size were assumed to be same , say 4 cuft, which will allow for 18" sealed sub and maybe a 12" vented. (ignoring the cost differences due to driver and ports etc) Is there an obvious design winner in such comparison ? I was trying to compare the data for these 2 (couldn't find options for 12" and 18" drivers in same family) UM18 : http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=116&mset=128 SVS PB12 : http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=66&mset=71 At 20Hz, the ported still looks better..... (The title should have been sealed vs ported in same cabinet size, can't edit now)
  14. Output shouldn't be an issue for nearfield, esp with two of these.. As long that cabinet with stuffing works , it should be fine ... Any suggestion between the 2 drivers ? The RSS265 looks pretty flat till 500Hz but has nasty breakup
  15. Reusing my old thread Slight alteration in plans Will want to go for even smaller subs so that some small monitors can be kept on top of them with crossover around 250Hz. Would prefer to go for a cabinet like this http://www.parts-express.com/denovo-audio-knock-down-mdf-067-cu-ft-subwoofer-speaker-cabinet--300-7068 Found the following 2 drivers which give F3 of 40Hz (as per winisd) http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rss265ho-44-10-reference-ho-dvc-subwoofer--295-463 http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-um10-22-10-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohms-per-coil--295-510 but for qtc of 0.707 they require 0.84 cu ft and 0.91 cu ft respectively . Will it be an issue to use them in 0.67 cu ft cab ? Thanks...
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