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  1. I'm torn. I really, really liked the bass on this, but man, what a bad movie. 5 and avoid?
  2. It has elements of that, but not as laser focused on the action as LS. Scenes not as well done, either, but other than Saving Private Ryan, not many war films compare. Bass is nothing to write home about.
  3. I posted about this a while back. A poor man's Kill Bill. From the opening credits you know it's going to rock your socks. Lots of killing, and pretty gory, but great bass and Selma Hayek.
  4. I'm with you. I thought it was better than the first 2, but nothing I'd ever have any wish to replay. It was decidedly meh to me. But compared to the turds that were 1 & 2, I guess this was a big improvement.
  5. If this is the case, are you back to the drawing board for a full bandwidth unit?
  6. Appreciate it! I suspect I will be in for 2 in the coming months.
  7. Would the Bosso amp be enough to power 4 FTW-21s? This is on my radar as a power solution down the road.
  8. Be on the lookout for Everly. Seemed to go pretty deep when I skimmed through it, but it was VERY powerful. It was on my bedroom system (DIY sealed 12" Shiva), so I can't get a true reading on it, but it made my sub bottom out at an MVL level that is usually safe for that sub. Interested to see what others think and to play it on my main rig.
  9. Can't say overall (I'll let Nube weigh in once he does the workup) but there were 2 spots that had some really, really egregious clipping. And I'm not one that's overly sensitive to it.
  10. Fairly certain that's what he means. Has a ton of bass, but also lots of clipping, both in the bass and in the voices. Some of it pretty bad.
  11. I respect that. I wonder how much of this is a function of our respective FR? By an objective reading, BLA has a much better low end, especially if you consider how much of the sub 20 stuff is the sine wave-type stuff in the first 30 seconds of the movie. I'm flat to ~5Hz and really don't feel the weight that people talk about with EOT compared the BLA or a few others. And I've rewatched it several times, asked my brother (who's on suspended floors) his thoughts. Neither of us get the hype. Yes, it's clean, and varied, but....I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy. lol
  12. It's the one when they first go up in the helicopters. Before the main characters actually engage the aliens. Not sure the chapter.
  13. Here's the last I'll say about it--compare that beach landing scene to the helicopter flyover/beach battle scene in B:LA. Both similar scenes. Do you find them even close in impact? Even with EOT turned up? I'm with Toe on the Oppo issue. I've heard of BR players with better PQ than "normal," but never worse. In any case, you'll really enjoy Ragnarok!
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