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  1. What's the theory behind this? Is it the more motor force per surface area the better? The more voice coils the better? Are we trying to achieve greater power handling? Or are you simply saying that those configurations have more cone area? Maybe one reason to use larger drivers is that they tend to have greater excursion capabilities. I have an old 15" JBL car subwoofer (Qts 0.393, Fs 24Hz, Vas 319L) that sounds really good in a 5 cu ft ported enclosure but in a 4 cu ft ported enclosure, it sounds noticably worse in my opinion.
  2. Thanks for the warning. That makes the Crown even more attractive since I sometimes have to transport it. Is there a website that gives the actual ratings of the Behringer amps?
  3. Wow, that's an impressive amp. I looked at the manual, and it says 1250wpc@2ohms and 2400w@4ohms bridged. That is some serious value. That'd be great for a permanent install. The Crown weighs 1/3 though (16 vs 47 lbs), so it would be easier to transport. Thanks for the tip. http://www.behringer.com/assets/EP2000_P0A38_M_EN.pdf
  4. I agree with this. I'd like to see drivers tested in enclosures people would use them in. Personally, I'd like to see 15" drivers tested in 5 cubic feet (or larger) ported enclosures. As far as drivers to test...I'm interested in the Alpine SWR-1522D. I just bought one for my car, and I plan to put it into a 4.5 cubic foot ported enclosure. Not sure if I should port it to the computer program's suggested 21Hz or something else like 27Hz. Driver parameters are Qts 0.41, Fs 22Hz, Vas 100L. Anyway, I'd be curious how it would measure quantitatively and subjectively. The 20.7mm Xmax, 70mm peak-to-peak, and $199 price tag are what drew me plus the fact that Alpine won 2nd place in this comparison. http://car-subwoofer...tenreviews.com/ Which leads me to mention that since the magazine Car Audio and Electronics has disappeared, there aren't many doing subwoofer comparisons anymore. When I was looking for a sub, I could hardly decide between JL Audio, Sundown and Alpine. In the end I picked the Alpine because of its T/S parameters (and 2nd place scoring in the comparison above). Not many 15" drivers play flat to 20Hz in a 4 cubic foot ported enclosure. I almost went with Sundown but I don't know anything about their sound quality. Everyone on the net seemed to like Sundown. They even did a 6000 watt burp to a single SA-15 to achieve a 158.1 dB score! Can a sub like that be good for sound quality? I wish someone that knew could tell me =) I noticed that there is a Sundown SA-15 test here BUT it is in a 1.25 cu ft sealed enclosure! Who on earth would do that? =) I hope I didn't make the wrong choice by going with Alpine. BTW, I just discovered this website (data bass), and I like it a lot. Found it mentioned in a review for the Dayton HO 18 at Parts Express. I'm really looking forward to seeing the database grow =)
  5. What about the Crown XLS series? They seem like great deals. 1100 watts for $299 http://www.amazon.com/Crown-XLS1000-Amplifier-integrated-Crossover/dp/B003HZPKSM/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1355042276&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=crown+xls
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