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  1. Do you always want positive summation with dual subs and then EQ afterward or do you sometimes use the second sub to even out the response at the cost of SPL?
  2. Indoors with boundaries. Forgot to add the on Axis (in Room) response. 12 inch away so don't know how much room was a factor.
  3. So I've been lusting after a Parts express UM18-22 18" with sealed flat pack. They were out of stock when I looked but I found a CraigsList add for two ultimax's in a crazy looking Dipole box. Very close to this build here https://www.linkwitzlab.com/woofer.htm I've been telling people that the bass is directional and no one wants to believe me. So I finally measure both on-axis and 45 degrees off-axis The build is incredibly inefficiant as I'm currently bridging a crown K1 at 1100wats 8ohm and have to boost sub output from the Denon receiver quite a bit. Not so much nearfield but anywhere else I put in the house. I have a sealed flat packs on the way so I can separate these beasts and pressurize the room better but the fact that I can rattle my brain while watching a movie and have my wife, literally next to me on the couch and she doesn't have to endure the bass that I love is kind of magical. Not sure I want to take this thing apart now. Just thought I would share.
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