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    Eminence NSW6021-6

    Yes, that was the one. We'll see how the fixed drivers compare with the two good ones I have. I wonder if it's more common on these high xmax accordion surround drivers.
  2. ErnieM

    Eminence NSW6021-6

    Thanks! These are new drivers. First test was all drivers wired in free air with a 20hz tone. Stood out immediately even at low levels....which means it was either missed in QC or shipping loosened something up. Kind of wish they (all) went with a suspended inner box with foam edges for shipment. Heavy drivers go on a rough ride. Eminence emailed shipping labels today for two of them. The quieter one wasn't too bad but I imagine it could get worse with time. Hope they turn out out well in the long run.
  3. ErnieM

    Eminence NSW6021-6

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fUDVjQIgSk6yMSriJNTysL_wo4IN-vJ/view?usp=drive_web Surround isn't glued perfectly to the frame as I can decrease the noise by putting pressure between the outer roll and gasket. This is the worst out of four. Two are fine, one is very slight, and this one is noisy. The low frequency noise is clipping in the signal. Seems this was an issue with several drivers from other manufactures as well.
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