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  1. Started cutting yesterday at the Makers space in town, the Truckee Roundhouse. I first image is a test cut with half mm differences for getting the wood to fit just right. Second image you can see I forgot to turn off the layer for the handle recess and it cut it on the wrong side. Otherwise everything is fitting nice and snug. Once I have a cut and fit tested speaker cabinet I will share my illustrator file.
  2. Not sure why my shop would smell? I’ve got a great exhaust system on the laser. I'm actually thinking of putting a small driver in it, but the calcs would have to be all done again. Otherwise it would be less than perfect. Maybe throw a B&C driver in it just for fun. I’d need to cut a freshie with proper Baltic birch as well, gotta be done right....Duratex it as well. I have this old outlaw audio amp sitting here and it might work really well for a miniature office setup. That would be pretty sick to have a scale model of a SKRAM with some mini Meyers UPQ tops.
  3. It’s rated for 3/4” but you would need to run nitrogen to keep the wood from burning too much. I cut 1/2” at like 10mm/sec.
  4. It is a Boss Laser 3655, 150 watt CO2 laser. Regarding controlling depth on dados, no, i am not able to control the depth very well, wood density changes and the laser does not sense the variation in density of the material. If I was using a material like Plexi I can control the depth very well. This is just for mock up and its not perfect, but at least it gets a working model in my hands
  5. Hi Everyone, I have taken @dsl1 files from page 15, edited them to test the fitment of everything on my laser scaled for 5mm and 3mm thick birch ply. I have made a few minor adjustments so far and created a good assembly test setup 6.5" wide, 10" tall and 9" deep. I have ordered the handles, T-nuts and Duratex from Parts-Express. I have to say I really like the updated design that eliminates all of the multiple bracing pieces in the original design files and combines them into larger single pieces for faster assembly. I plan on changing some of the joints on my files so that the edges interlock when I do go to V-Carve and CNC cut the full size design. I also plan on adding a piece that covers all of the front ports for storage so no critters get in and make a mess. Once my scaled files are done for the 3mm and 5mm birch I will share the illustrator and dxf files so anyone can make a mini box if they would like to as well. I like physically handling the box at this scale, it helps me visualize the assembly and work through any kinks.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have been following Data-Bass and the other forums for many years while building an art car. This year was its first year to the Playa after 4 years of work, a divorce, a child being born, etc etc. I teach illustrator, CNC Plasma, CNC Router, Laser and NFPA 160 Flame effects at a local makers space here in Truckee CA. I own a Boss Laser HP3655 Stainless Steel cutting 150Watt CO2 laser that I am using to make the art car with and helping other artists with their projects as well. This project is a labor of love and not for profit. http://www.instagram.com/jackalotus https://www.instagram.com/p/B2qSE1zhUI5/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B2ISZPCBKgp/ I currently have in mind building my own cabinets using two 21SW152's I currently own. I have been working on ported box designs for quite some time, but keep drooling over Ricci's awesome work on various forums going back to I think 2010. I plan on building tops with help from a Electrical engineer friend who works at Meyers Sound. I have a stack of Baltic Birch sitting here in my garage waiting for the right design to build around my 21SW152's and I think I have decided to throw my ported designs in the waste basket and go with the SKRAM design of Ricci's that everyone here is building. I plan on placing 2 of these boxes under the head of the PlayaPachederm. My Question is... Is anyone willing to share/sell an Autodesk file or VCARVE file? Also wondering how i can donate to all the hard work Ricci put in for us? Need anything laser cut out of stainless let me know
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