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  1. Decided to go 12cf sealed... I'm using the SpeakerPower SP2-12000-DP. Just started my theater build thread over at AVS, but here are the details for my SHS-24 enclosures: SI SHS-24 Sealed Enclosures (x2): - Overall Dimensions: 37.75”H x 37.75”W x 21”D - 12cf internal volume - 1” MDF double baffle and exterior panels with ¼” rabbets - ¾” MDF bracing Thanks for the inspiration @Ricci !
  2. Here are WinISD max SPL and cone excursion plots of sealed enclosures at 4cf, 10cf and 12cf with 6000w of input for comparison's sake.
  3. Yes, I already have two dual 1-ohm SHS-24's sitting here begging to crack my triple layered drywall 😎
  4. Regarding a sealed enclosure, I've seen mention of 3cf but feel that would just be awkward in my theater room. Do I lose anything going to ~10-12cf sealed?
  5. Good looking out! 😂 I owe you a beer (or three). I'm not very experienced in the model vs real world translation, so I guess I'll sit by and wait for more details on your enclosure and build accordingly in the 15cf range. The last thing I want to do is to spend the time and effort building these boxes and them sound like shit.
  6. FYI mine are dual 1 ohm coils and will be running on an SP2-12000 amp. I'm using the T/S parameters emailed directly to me from Nick for WinISD. I've modeled the following ginormous enclosure for each sub. These will be against the back wall of my 17.5'W x 26'D x 9'H dedicated theater room where the cone will be about 5' behind the back row of seats and 10' behind the front row. The plan is for these to handle ~10 to 45Hz where my LCR speakers will takeover (DIYSG dual woofer Titans). Box: 30cf @ 12Hz Vent: 30"W x 4.5"H x 66.5"L 1st Port Res: 96.93Hz Rear Port Air Velocity: ~29.5 m/s max @ 11.5Hz Cone Excursion: 36.6mm @ 10.4Hz Filter: HP BW4 @ 11Hz Input Power: 6000w I was trying to increase the port area to lower the port velocity and increase SPL/cone excursion, but the 1st port resonance was dropping too low for comfort. I think this is a decent happy medium - I'd obviously love to get a little more SPL and utilize ~10mm more xmax. Thoughts on how to get there without creating port chuffing/resonance issues?
  7. @Ricci Did you ever design and/or build enclosures for these? I have two sitting here waiting for time to start cutting wood and was hoping to compare notes.
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