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  1. Hey Guys- absoluitl;ey loved reading this thread. I definatley going to get a few made. I am no cabinet maker, but luckily there is a good speaker cabinet maker in Bristol UK who's going to sort me out. I have a noob type question or two , which I hoep wil help me choose the right driver.... I am looking to tune these in at 20hz...powered by mc2 e100 ( my thinking was to use 2 x 8ohm speakers to get 4ohm load, and bridge 2 channels a tiem to get 7.2kw) Firstly am I wrong to want to use 8ohm speakers- I know I could make a "break out box" to get eth resistance to 4ohm no worries- eth e100 doesn't like bridging at lest that 4ohm from what I can see... Should I go with the 21NLW9601 which has a tuning to 25hz, so will be less "out of spec" at the lower frequencies, or am I not understanding , and that B&C B&C 21DS115-4 will do me just fine ( in fact after a few builds I'll be able to get an extra driver...the dream is to have 8+ of these in next 3 years...depending on how successful our sound system is Massive respect to all of you guys..and thanks for your help on my first post
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