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  1. I found that link before I joined the forum. The issue is that I bought a Peavey bass amp thinking that it had a Black Widow driver, that was the the stock driver. I have 2 Black Widow 15's both with silver dust caps. I figured that this driver, having the metal cap, was a Black Widow but actually it turn out to be the Gauss. Kind of a win win, possibly. I have 1 black widow in an Ampeg B100 R bass amp. Peavey said that it could work in a small box. Due to having another B100R, I wanted another BW. Now that I have the Gauss I need to know if it would work in a small box. That's why I need the specs. Something tells me that Gauss may have renamed the 5840 to the 4580. According to another site I found, the first number is the voice coil diameter (4"), the second number is the speaker diameter (15), the third number is the speaker ohm rating (8)
  2. I've been digging for at least a week and I can't seem to find the specs for the Gauss 5840 -15"- 8 ohm driver Thanks for any help
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