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  1. Would the inuke 12000 at 2ohm be to much for a pair of 18NLW9601? 4ohm bridged, two 8ohm subwoofers. Inuke 12000 1100 x 2 @ 8ohm 2700 x 2 @ 2ohm
  2. $450 shipped. TC sounds 5200 dual 4ohm voice coils.
  3. ricci, i have the sickness of bass and subwoofers, and its affecting me :( 
    , i would appreciate your knowledge, if you can help me out.
    I currently have a pair of dayton PA465 in a Bandpass 7cu ft. 
    And bought recently bought a pair of 18 sound NLW9600 to replace them. they will arrive this weekend
    Here it goes...
    I saw the deal on Parts Express , of the Lavoce SAN214.5 , 
    As i seen you tried both subs, do you think is worth to just sell the NLW9600 and jump on a pair of Lavoce 21s?
    I do electro and techno  , gigs outdoors. 
    And use the inuke 6000dsp. 


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