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  1. Hello everyone, after following this topic from the beginning , me and a friend started building a skram about two months ago. The work was slow due to our limited woodworking experience but it's now near completion and I'm glad it's all fitting together. Thank you for the design mr. Ricci, I can't wait to fire it up. We are building just one sub so we only used 18mm birch and I'm happy to say it is possible to get one skram out of two 2440x1220 sheets but only if the cutout of the hatch panel is used as the hatch itself (maybe there is a better way but we did it like this). This is the first time I'm building something like this and although I have read this whole topic, I do have a few questions: We'll be using the sub with our Nexo PS10 tops, which are protected by their Nexo td controller. We don't have the budget for a good dsp yet so we'd like to use the sub output of the td controller for our sub. The crossover point is 120Hz and the recommended power for the Nexo LS500 sub is 300 - 800W (also 4ohm like our 21sw152). I guess with the protection circuit of the td controller there is no chance we could damage our driver? Will it limit much too early? Will the 120Hz crossover work well? I know this isn't an ideal situation but we'll have to make it work at the moment and if there's anyone here experienced with the nexo controller, I'd like to know what you think. Do you use some kind of extra seal to mount the driver or just bolt it on tight? Is there a reason to mount the Speakon connector in the hatch? There would have to be a loose wire on the inside to make this work? Do you solder the wiring to the driver and connector? Thanks in advance!
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