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  1. thats odd i heard although the movie terrible..i heard the audio was outstanding
  2. inuke 6000dsp mod for less rolloff

    thanks for the info guys!
  3. does anyone have the instructions how to perform this mod? thanks
  4. xXx return of xander cage outstanding bass throughout...the ocean scenes.,,...woah...haven't had that level of bass in a film in a while...good stuff...extension to 12Hz or so...and not a 30hz monster (no huge peak at 30) recommended if you take the film for what it is
  5. Deadpool: Discussion and Poll

    I knew I was right!!
  6. Deadpool: Discussion and Poll

    oh I thought it was whichever Yielded the "better" score....meaning the deeper extension...I interpreted the "rules" wrong
  7. Deadpool: Discussion and Poll

    is it me? or is the avg graph 13hz extension?
  8. Some great deep effects. The first 20 minutes alone is worth the price Then the last half hour