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  1. ^°^°^°^I Interesting. So all the multiple reports the Atmos track was botched and the DTS-MA was the better track are perhaps a bit overblown? The Atmos mix is getting very dividing opinions, but most agree the DTS is the clear winner.
  2. People who got to compare both Alita invariably preferred the Atmos mix. And if you like your bass as hot as possible down low probably are fine with this practice for the UHD. At first, and just looking at the graphs and reading the comments, it was easy to think the BD got shafted. It was looking at the heat maps that became apparent they were just boosting the bass in a specific region, to made it look it was a better mix, because otherwise the mixes are pretty much the same. Someone made the experiment of boosting his subs 9db to compensate for the Alita BD levels, and found the experience much better than the Atmos mix, and thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. That's why I speculate the BD tracks are closer to the theatrical mix than the Atmos versions. That said, I can't make a proper comparison between for both mixes, so there's the possibility the bass boosting isn't as bad as it would look on paper. It's a good think that Warner, Lionsgate, Universal and Paramount use the same Atmos track for the BD and UHD, so this artificial boosting isn't needed. That said, it seems studios are not even doing a proper implementation of the Atmos platform, at least in home environments, so the overall state of audio is quite possibly at its lowest, taking into consideration bass filtering. I was looking at graphs for movies between 2006-2013, give or take, and I was surprised to find a lot of mixes were basically fullbandwith, and overall pretty good audio mixes. These days it seems it's either a bass assault at high levels, or it's lacking in bass. And I love my heavy bass movies as everyone else (I love bass!), but most of the time I'd take a more balanced and well done audio mix than pure bass pyrotechnics.
  3. Over at AVS it was found out some interesting thing regarding two recent mixes by Fox (Disney?), Battle Angel: Alita and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The UHD Atmos mixes are boosted by several dbs under the 40hz region, in the case of Alita the boost is around 9 dbs. So, right off the bat the Atmos tracks sound more impactful, and, at least on paper, the mixes are "better" down low. Here's the heat map for Dark Phoenix provided by a member: Looking at it, I'd take the 7.1 DTS-MA over the Atmos, at least regarding the bass. The Atmos mix seems artificially boosted in the 25-40hz, just to give it more impact, but I'm afraid the mix will sound more unbalanced at higher listening levels. What are you thoughts on this new "practice"? It's not like they're redesigning the audio track specifically for the UHD, they're just simply boosting specific ranges. I read something similar about Deadpool 2, but now it's starting to emerge as a trend.
  4. I wanted to add that I understand your perfectionism. I can be as well very obsessive with detail, and I just wish sometimes I didn't notice those small things. But I don't really want to go that route, because in my case it's not healthy. I'd just rather sit and enjoy things, to the best of my ability. I'm sure the moment I get into REW, I'm gonna get into some serious rabbit hole. I'm impressed by your passion for audio and never ending perfectionism; I always enjoy reading your thoughts.
  5. Very nice write-up, SME. I just wish I cared for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But I always enjoy audio analysis/impressions on movie tracks. On the spider webs, my house is filled with spiders, so what I've always done is cover the speakers (and subwoofer) with the plastic/foam bags the speakers came with in the boxes. Not nice looking, but when I'm not using the speakers, which sometimes can be days or even weeks, I don't have to worry about spiders or other insects messing up with my system. But this "solution" may not be for everyone.😌
  6. In other news, the new Hellboy II 4k DTS:X mix has been butchered. I first heard about the H2 mix here, and I know it was considered among the greatest. But the new mixers considered it was appropriate to filter it and reduce the levels.
  7. Aquaman was fantastic at theaters. The bass graph for the ATMOS track was just posted at AVS and looks great, and people that have listened to the digital version all say great things about the home mix. Mortal Engines is a bass fest, but some have found bass execution a bit underwhelming, even with BEQ. I still look forward to buying the disc when the price is right. Spider-Man: ITSV is said to be fantastic as well, another full bandwidth mix. Edit: Apologies if the formatting is a bit wonky.
  8. While I don't understand all the technicalities you talk about, I understand (and agree) with the gist of it. It's something that myself I've wondered about, but currently I have no way of testing the BEQs that are done at AVS. HOWEVER... people with very capable systems have tried them, and are satisfied with the results. So, they must be doing something right, at least the BEQ version is an improvement over the heavily filtered mixes. At this point, I'd thought you'd have at least gave a couple of them a try, instead of just assuming they must not be good. Also, you seem to have a very particular view on ULF, as you seem to advocate moderate levels of infrasonics, and give more weight to the Low/Mid bass range, which is a very interesting stance. I'm not ULF capable, but on principle, I feel inclined to agree with you. But you should give some BEQs a try, especially those which have a 30hz roll-off, and see how the mix sounds when turned into full bandwidth. The graphs now come with a heat map, so you can visualize the impact of the EQ on the bass along the movie full duration. Of course, it's just a humble suggestion. Luckily, early this year we've been gifted with some fantastic full bandwidth mixes that require little to no BEQ at all (Hunter Killer, The Cloverfield Paradox and Overlord), and things look bright for the rest of the month, with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Aquaman and Mortal Engines coming out. This year looks very promising in terms of bass.
  9. Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. Sadly, I discovered this place when it started to slow down. I've seen you mention you're not very keen of AVS BEQ approach, but there's tons of BEQs created daily over there, new and old releases, and since you have the possibility of applying BEQ, maybe it'd be worth giving it a try, since the guy who does most of them it's getting better at them. Of course, there is BEQ for K:SI. Chances are before you pop in a disc into your player, there's already a BEQ for it. Regarding K:SI, I agree with you. Not a big fan of the audio mix. Some assumed that because I was missing the ULF I couldn't properly appreciate the mix, but I see you share more or less the same opinion. It's definitely missing some mid bass.
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