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  1. Aquaman was fantastic at theaters. The bass graph for the ATMOS track was just posted at AVS and looks great, and people that have listened to the digital version all say great things about the home mix. Mortal Engines is a bass fest, but some have found bass execution a bit underwhelming, even with BEQ. I still look forward to buying the disc when the price is right. Spider-Man: ITSV is said to be fantastic as well, another full bandwidth mix. Edit: Apologies if the formatting is a bit wonky.
  2. While I don't understand all the technicalities you talk about, I understand (and agree) with the gist of it. It's something that myself I've wondered about, but currently I have no way of testing the BEQs that are done at AVS. HOWEVER... people with very capable systems have tried them, and are satisfied with the results. So, they must be doing something right, at least the BEQ version is an improvement over the heavily filtered mixes. At this point, I'd thought you'd have at least gave a couple of them a try, instead of just assuming they must not be good. Also, you seem to have a very particular view on ULF, as you seem to advocate moderate levels of infrasonics, and give more weight to the Low/Mid bass range, which is a very interesting stance. I'm not ULF capable, but on principle, I feel inclined to agree with you. But you should give some BEQs a try, especially those which have a 30hz roll-off, and see how the mix sounds when turned into full bandwidth. The graphs now come with a heat map, so you can visualize the impact of the EQ on the bass along the movie full duration. Of course, it's just a humble suggestion. Luckily, early this year we've been gifted with some fantastic full bandwidth mixes that require little to no BEQ at all (Hunter Killer, The Cloverfield Paradox and Overlord), and things look bright for the rest of the month, with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Aquaman and Mortal Engines coming out. This year looks very promising in terms of bass.
  3. Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. Sadly, I discovered this place when it started to slow down. I've seen you mention you're not very keen of AVS BEQ approach, but there's tons of BEQs created daily over there, new and old releases, and since you have the possibility of applying BEQ, maybe it'd be worth giving it a try, since the guy who does most of them it's getting better at them. Of course, there is BEQ for K:SI. Chances are before you pop in a disc into your player, there's already a BEQ for it. Regarding K:SI, I agree with you. Not a big fan of the audio mix. Some assumed that because I was missing the ULF I couldn't properly appreciate the mix, but I see you share more or less the same opinion. It's definitely missing some mid bass.