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  1. That is some serious business man, hope it does everything you want it to!
  2. You will have to give us your impressions of how the skram works with the Sh50. I have used mine with both sh46 and sm60f's and I think they are a really great match with both.
  3. Looking good you guys! Jealous of your cnc machines
  4. Another successful outing with the Skrams. Bit of a tough room acoustically, vaulted ceiling log A frame hall with concrete floor out in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Scratched our heads for a few hours but eventually got it dialed in, helped a bunch once the room was packed. 2 more cabinets are near complete, still needs duratex and drivers mounted https://imgur.com/gallery/mRXr2Tr
  5. A pair of unloaded Othorns and some risers I built
  6. I doubt it. Psytrance needs a lot of power and control in the kick and midbass range and the skrams deliver it without breaking a sweat. Mind you the sh46’s pack a wallop themselves, matched up with the skrams its a potent combination. I’ve been in front of enough f1 and turbosound systems that really excel at reproducing psytrance transients and my system doesn’t leave me wanting at all. These Danleys continually blow me a away, I have no doubt Tom borrowed tech from recovered alien space craft 😂. I have a stack of 6 reconditioned Martin Audio b115 front loaded horn kick bins as well, next summer I’ll give them a go between the Danleys and Skrams just to see what happens
  7. Set up pic from our Halloween cabaret last night. Experimented with a 100hz crossover and found it to be the most impactful and cleanest config I’ve tried yet. Techno and psytrance all night, sounded incredible. https://imgur.com/gallery/qrU6jyD https://imgur.com/a/dacbWrI
  8. 2 more on the way https://imgur.com/gallery/dRGsebY
  9. What are the options for cooling a driver? I would suspect cooling the outer circumference of the magnet wouldn't be much help as the heat is created in the coil winding. What about directing air flow into the screen that covers the core of the magnet?
  10. From my understanding cnc machines often use slightly different software programs so there really isn't a one size fits all cnc file that will work with all machines. Its likely the dxf files on the first post will require some tweaking by the operator anyways. My cnc guy just converted the original pdf files to a format that works with his machine, added 50 bucks to labor price to do the conversion. Prices on the DS and SW are stupid up here in Canada. The best street price I have found for an SW was about 950 Canadian (about 720 US dollars). Thankfully I have a buddy who works for PK Sound here in Calgary, I've been buying mine through them for about 550 US dollars shipped. Only bummer is they have to come right from Italy so it has in the past taken between a month to two months to get here. On that note, I've started building another pair of cabinets so I can keep a pair in my livingroom at home. I'm weighing the pro's and con's of staying with the 21sw152's that I've used in the previous 4 cabs vs saving a bit of money and trying a pair of the DS drivers instead. It will be likely that occasionally Ill run all 6 together so maybe sticking with the same driver is my best move.... but it seems they do provide fairly similar performance. What do you guys think? Should I just stick with the same drivers to match the others? A final consideration is ill be using a lesser quality amp to run the ones Ill keep in my house, a crest prolite 7.5 vs the k10 I use for my others. Maybe the DS will work a bit better on the lesser amp?
  11. Ah, yeah that makes sense... was just an idea. Seems I fucked up putting a pair of my skrams in my livingroom... seems unacceptable to not leave them there. Just messaged my Cnc guy, another pair on the way.
  12. Hey Josh, what would happen if you blocked a port internally where the port starts? I personally don't need or feel the need to play with the tuning on mine but when I was constructing mine I thought to myself it might be easier to add the blockage internally where the vent port starts... It would also look nicer than doing it externally
  13. Ok great! Updated my notes One last question on the spacing. By keeping the subs within 1/4 wave length of each other within their operating freq range, that will ensure no destructive cancellations.... but will it effect the subs ability to couple to each other? Will you loose some output gained by having all of the subs side by side? I think there is a bit of a trap that you can fall into with how many cabinets you really need to fill a space. When I assembled by first system I started with a pair of my old RCF 4pro subs under a pair of the RCF towers. Pretty much right away I knew I was going to need more, so I added another pair of subs. The jump between 2 to 4 subs was a substantial improvement. Maybe a year after I added another pair but that time it didn't feel like such a big jump forward.... I eventually added another pair and ran it like that for pretty much a decade. The interesting thing was occasionally when I deployed only 6 or even 4 subs.... it really didn't feel like I was missing that much power. Obviously there is a point where you need more power to cover larger spaces and larger crowds but you should strongly consider really what your needs are before selling your house to afford more speaker cabinets haha. Not running your gear at full tilt is also a consideration for sure. On the flip side, the other thing I come across, especially in my city is that often crews bring literally too many cabinets into venues that just don't need that much gear. There is a point where I believe too much gear will have a negative effect over the listening experience. Yeah it certainly blurs your vision and re-arranges your guts, but if the low frequency pressure is so high that it literally overloads yours ears ability to discern what the rest of the music sounds like I really don't see the point. I suppose maybe some people simply want a visceral physical experience like that, but I think more people really want to experience the full range experience of the music artist they came to hear. For the venue sizes we use, I can't really think ill be left wanting with what my 4 skrams can put out..... maybe 6 just to get off the gas pedal a bit... but 8 would simply be overkill. I've got that paper bookmarked, there really is some good info in there. I used to get a fairly narrow hot spot out the front of my 8 old subs. Splaying them in a arc really helped even out the coverage out front... such a simple way to improve the directionality of a sub array
  14. Thanks for the formula, I had read an article by Nathan lively that described this but his formula was a bit different, allowed even wider spacing. When you say 3.3 feet apart that should be center to center yeah? Or 3.3 feet between cabinets? And what frequency would you use in the formula? The crossover frequency? I guess you would want them tight enough so that any frequency produced by the subs would fall within 1/4 wavelength of each other? And yeah, better to have more than enough horsepower on tap, I would rather run them conservatively vs full tilt all night. Ill have to keep my eyes on driver prices, perhaps after some more rental revenue ill try and pick up another pair.
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