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  1. You can love any brand to death, but I personally wouldn't touch an 8" driver for anything "sub" related. If I read the data sheet correctly, it actually is an 8" driver. I own an 8" powered sub and I regret buying it. It's good for an 8" subwoofer, but it's not good for being a 1000$ sub. But now you have the driver already, so it's up to you to decide if you wanna make a fun project with it or if you want to build something bigger instead. Without knowing the T/S parameters of the driver it's basically impossible for us to tell you what to build. They don't seem to sell drivers separately, so it'll be hard to get those unless you can measure them.
  2. I've been wondering... What if one took like 5 Movers and attached them to a piece of plywood (one at each corner and one in the center). Then mount this to an infinite baffle construction and seal off the gap with a rubber surround... The surface area of a 2.5m x 1.25m sheet is equal to about 20 21" drivers (if you add half of a decently sized surround) with an Xmax of 15mm. Even if the entire thing would probably not be able to widthstand acceleration forces to get maximum excursion at say 40Hz, this should be a pretty efficient solution for single digit extension in any home theater. 5 movers have a total peak force of 4.5KN, which translates into an acceleration of 180m/s² of a 25kg mass (estimated weight of a 12mm thick sheet of BB ply). With an acceleration of 180m/s² you could move an object 15mm (Xmax) within ~0,013s. Since you need to do that 4 times to get a full sine wave cycle, that would result in a frequency of about 19Hz. And that only with 5KW if I'm interpreting their data sheet correctly. You could make an entire wall your cone area with enough movers...
  3. The picture of a similar driver in this thread got me confused then, thought it was some custom design! It's surprising that one of these subs is louder than 2 of your subs, the stats would tell a different story. According to hornresp, 4 IPALs should exceed 140db playing at their AES wattage from 30 (tuning frequency of my design) to 200Hz. Total volume being less than 1000L; 135db at 25Hz (excursion limited). Josh please get an F132 and do some CEA tests ❤️
  4. I would also love to. The Funktion One horn's stats are not all that impressive when you look at the humongous size of the thing. iirc it's over 1000L and like 300kg, but if you look at it as what it is (a single driver subwoofer), it's ridiculous. I would also love to experience the Mover. The motor is similar to the M-Force in design. It generates enough force to lift my entire body. I don't know how many motors are that capable 😅
  5. Looks like there is a 50" M-Force being produced for club/home use. https://www.aia-cinema.com/references/detail/fidelity-40-ascendo-immersive-audio.html
  6. Well the power distribution I have for live shows is 32A three phase, which is plenty for the sound system. The supply line gets split up into 6 single phase 16A circuits which are on breakers with C characteristics. That allows for like 10KW for a few seconds before it trips. Would love to test the Hoellstern's sustained power. My loadbank is only 4x4Ohm sadly, so I wouldn't even be able to test something like 4x1Ohm. That would require 64 of the 16 Ohm heating elements I use 😅 Quotes from the website: The total power of all four channels is at practical burst signals typically 20 kW (40 kW for a short time). 1.6 ohm (only for information – 2 ohm minus 20 %) @Ricci It says minus 20%. Looks like they're only trying to say that the amp is stable into loads like these, but don't want to comit to a specific number of power output. With the super high maximum current of 125A on one of the amps, you would reach the rail voltage before the current limit even at a 1.6 Ohm load. Has anybody here tested/used Powersoft's DigiMod 3000? I might want to use it for my single 21" cab. It's fairly cheap (total looks to be under 1 grand with the dsp chip) and the figures look like a great match bridged into an 8 Ohm driver.
  7. I've looked at the Linea lineup some time ago when I saw @radulescu_paul_mircea talking about them; the amps look feature-rich and seem to have a good dsp for a reasonable price as well. In the end I'd have a much more detailed look at the dsp or even test it before I'd make a call. I've also seen a similar Dynacord amp, dunno if it's new. When I'm seriously ready to consider buying an amp of that caliber, there might be more options. First on the list are some l-acoustics system amps to get rid of the Sanway-workaround anyways. I'm unsure if the K20/K10 can really make use of a 230V/32A connection. According to the data sheet, the X4's maximum current draw in single phase operation is 15A, while being like 5A on 3 phases. It looks like the 30A connection is meant for 120V operation and not fully a feature for 230V. I might not interpret the manual correctly, but 230V 3 phase operation should allow for some serious long term output. 32A single phase connectors are very uncommon in Europe too. Most of the time it's 16A single phase or three phase 32/63/125A. Or w/e multiphase 300A powerlock for the distribution. Did your K20 ever trip a 16A breaker on 240V operation?
  8. Just found this beast of an amp by a German company called Hoellstern: https://hoellstern.com/en/amplifiers/4-in-4-out-dsp-tft/ The data sheet reads >10KW per channel (4) into 1.6 Ohms and one of their amps is rated for 1.6 Ohm bridged (!?) operation, this looks like something that will make IPAL owners happy. I don't know the price of the DSP amps, but the non-dsp 20.4 is about 6 grand, which is actually pretty cheap for an amp with this much power, considering that the 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm performance per channel pretty much matches a Lab 14K (similar rail voltage), but the Hoellstern can output higher currents of up to 115A (FP14k@90A), which makes it stronger in the low impedance department. Powersoft's X4L is a bridged amp, so it won't be very useful with the 2 Ohm loads you get with IPALs (2 in series if you have the "regular" IPALs), which would make this one of the best available IPAL amps that I'm aware of. The single phase 16A/230V input would limit long term output to about 400W per driver if you connected 8 drivers to the amp. 4KW bursts per IPAL seem like a good match to me thou. There is a 2 channel amp with even higher current figures (125A, similar to K20) for about 3.5 grand, if you want more sustained power. Edit: after taking about 2 hours to write this (afk'ing in between and getting distracted), I even forgot the main question: What do you guys think about these? Ever came across Hoellstern before?
  9. Question about (CNC) accuracy: when producing the hatch plate and the back panel, how much of a gap should I leave when I'm planning to coat all surfaces with Duratex? Would 1mm be enough?
  10. I did a small test which might be interesting to some here, since the Tool album has been discussed here earlier (for the great dynamics with the Skram). Not entirely bass-related, but I just got my new measurement mic and placed it 1m away from my drumkit to get an impression of the crest factor of actual drumming. I hit some hard rimshots, which peaked at 143db(Z), but the RMS maximum in the measurement sat at 116db. That's a crest factor of 27db! That aside, I would never like to listen to recorded drums at the same volume as I am playing at. I always rehearse with ear-protection since the cymbals are just way too overkill, especially if you have high quality cymbals with lots of overtones and sustain.
  11. The plan would be a symmetric load anyways (8 drivers total), so bus pumping shouldn't be much of an issue. 4 drivers per channel on a K20 sounds like a good match to me. If that's not enough, doubling both would be the alternative. 16 of these drivers should be plenty for a lot of situations... X4L surely looks nice for that application, but since it's so new you hardly find it used anywhere.
  12. @Ricci How would the K20 fare with 4 21DS115-8 in parallel on one channel? Impedance minima would be around 1.3 Ohm. I'm thinking about getting a K20, but if it's not performing well with that load I could also get a K10 and go for a 4 Ohm configuration. The difference between K20 and K10 is much less at 4 Ohm than at 2 Ohm.
  13. I wonder how similar it'll be to my approach. Models like this from 320L external (21DS115):
  14. I saw that, but I think Ricci did the same
  15. Ricci might have adjusted his inputs based on the measurements posted some time in the past, to match the measured response. IIRC he said that the proximity to the back wall also pushed the port resonance down a bit, but I'm unsure how you ended up with an even longer port. I have not looked much into the Skram
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