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  1. peniku8

    Ricci's Skram Subwoofer & Files

    I have a Blackmagicdesign Ursa Mini 4k outfitted with two Neumann KM184 and I absolutely love that combo, but it's way overkill and probably far out of any reasonable budget if just for show recording.
  2. peniku8

    Ricci's Skram Subwoofer & Files

    Depending on the model it drops off quite a bit down low. In an example iPhone 5 calibration file I saw 30Hz being down by 15db. Mine is similar, there is basically nothing below 25Hz, but I couldn't find the cal file in the system to have a look at it
  3. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Got the ok from @Ricci to post the metric SKHorn plans I made. It's a compact 4 pages and I built my cab with these. I made the horn bracing from one piece as I found that to be less work, even without a CNC. SKHorn Metric Drawings.pdf
  4. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Can't want to see what you're up to! When I think about the SKHorn I think about large venues with the capacity for over a thousand people, and there probably only the first two or three rows might notice vent noise. The roundovers are not much work thou, so why not just add them. I also placed roudovers on my current 12" project at vent entrance and exit, as far as it was possible for me. Very easy job with a roundover bit.
  5. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Are you talking about the SKHorn or a different project? I don't think flared ports are gonna save you from vent noise (below 20Hz) when running with the 1 vent per side config, and I also don't think that flared ports are needed when you're running with 2/3. I can push the drivers to Xmax at 20Hz with 1 vent open per side and not get any air noise.
  6. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    If you did it like this, the port block could sit on the area marked in red, which could be lined with gasket tape to make a perfect seal. Maybe you can find hex inserts small enough to screw into the vent braces (make these from 1" ply maybe?) and it would be made to last, easily interchangable and would not wear out.
  7. peniku8

    The case againts subwoofers

    The UM18 is almost twice the price here as the UM12. The UM18 is more expensive than one 21DS115 even. And no, it's just a control room in the studio, but we will probably move to a different place next year, which I don't yet know the size of. And I get the impression that for tuning a 12" cab to 18Hz you'd need to go quite big. Also, the vented design tuned to 18Hz might not be quite as punchy in the 60-120Hz octave (?), which was why I just wanted to go sealed (along with the fact that I can build all cabs within an hour if I wanted to). I guess I can just get 4 drivers, build small sealed cabs and whenever I feel like I want more I'll go with a different design. I'm thinking about buying a CNC too, so projects in that size would be a breeze
  8. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    The .2mm is without the gasket tape and it already sealed quite well just being wrapped in vinyl because there was so little of a gap. And yes, it's not weather stripping (apparently?). I'm not very faimilar with these items so I have no clue what the difference is (on top of which I'm not a native English speaker, which makes it just a tad harder). I got another idea for this modular port design, which I'll post in a minute. If you got the tools this might work pretty well, but the port board only being 12mm makes it a little harder (less sturdy).
  9. This was my idea with the F6, which can be put into a 0-latency chain via a WSG compatible console. I just found that the maximum attack time of 500ms might be too fast in some (most?) cases, but this example shows how you could protect cabs with an excursion minimum around 32Hz from overheating due to sustained low crest factor signals (sine waves in this case), without affecting any content but that specific frequency.
  10. peniku8

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I did it like this and have no issues with air leaks, the port blocks are about 0.2mm smaller than the gap they sit in. This would also work with rounded edges. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/3037204-skhorn-build-3.html#post57499060
  11. peniku8

    The case againts subwoofers

    The Ultimax 12's look pretty good, I could get 4 for just under 240€ each. Peerless has much lower power handling, 7mm less Xmax and costs the same. 15ds costs the same as the 21ds so uhh... I'd rather build more SKHorns
  12. peniku8

    The case againts subwoofers

    85dbC was what I measured during one of our mastering sessions, to get a general idea. This was with the sub measured to flat at the MLP and a house curve bumping it to +10db below 60Hz. We're a studio for music and our content is absolutely crushed. We're not really limited in space, it's just due to the looks of it. I could probably fit 3 SKHorns behind the desk, but it wouldn't be pretty. I like the 12BG100, the only thing that's bothering me is the Xmax. 21" would get me further with less money, I've realized that a few times already, but I don't think I could justify the footprint. Keep in mind that there will be 4 sealed cabs and that our single 8" is basically (almost) enough already in terms of SPL. I doubt that 4 sealed 12" would perform worse than a single vented 8"
  13. peniku8

    hornresp's "multiple speakers" simulation

    That's good to know! I wonder how the SKHorn type of cab would behave (since my design is similar). Probably the same as a BR would? Hornresp shows much more gain in the lower octave thou; the horn contributes to the output down to about 45Hz (where the horn part crosses 95db voltage sensitivity).
  14. Would be pretty easy if you happen to have a mixing console with a WSG server. The Waves F6 could act as your frequency dependant limiter, say a quick attack limiter for over excursion set at the 2 frequencies you'll need it at using a BR enclosure, and a slow attack long release limiter at the excursion minimum which sits a little lower than the amp's long term power limiter to prevent heat buildup from missing ventilation.
  15. peniku8

    The case againts subwoofers

    20Hz at roughly 85dbC. That's my guideline. Headroom is always good, but we have never mixed at a higher level than the 85db. Ideally ~18Hz 100db. It must be at least 4 cabs since I want to have a smooth room response to begin with and the FR should be decent anywhere in the control room. The space itself is about 3000cuft. It'll be DIY so the cabs are basically free, finish will be rattle can paint. Budget for the drivers is 1000€ max, but preferably within half of that. I have two B&C 12BG100 on order for a PA project, but might also test these in a sealed cab in the room to see how loud it would play. I've got plenty of leftover MDF anyways. That'll be something like a 14" cube. We're only doing stereo mixes and the room is basically a bunker with a single door and a tiny window. We're currently running a vented 8" sub, which is good down to about 25Hz. The single vented sub was more expensive than 4 of the aforementioned drivers, but back then I didn't know any better.