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    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Now, the Paradigm Persona Sub is out of the running. But I still want to get something on the smaller side physically. How about JL's E-Sub e112-GLOSS? It looked to be pretty well reviewed on this site https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=104 http://www.jlaudio.ca/e112-gloss-home-audio-e-sub-powered-subwoofers-96279
  2. xcd

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    I'm considering the Paradigm Persona Sub. http://persona.paradigm.com/persona/specs.php?model=persona-sub It's a six 8-in driver design, 1700W RMS 3400W peak power I wanted to get some first-hand impressions or feedback of the product. A lot of people I talked to either love or hate it, but few seem to have actually used it. How is it? I will be using it 70% for HT and 30% for music.