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    Paradigm Persona Sub

    One way to get more family support of having large subwoofers is to hide them under the tv, inside a cabinet. left channel -- subwoofer 1 -- center -- subwoofer 2 -- right channel (Please see attached photo). The problem is there’s not much room, and everything’s fairly squeezed. Also, the subwoofers would be placed inside a built-in wall cabinet (the front would be covered by a fabric, the sides and top plywood, and the back a wall). I know this arrange will be far from ideal, but my question is how much of an impact should I expect compared to placing it in the ideal opposing corners setup? Is it a problem having the two subwoofers (1) so closer together and (2) placed into an enclosure?
  2. xcd

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Now, the Paradigm Persona Sub is out of the running. But I still want to get something on the smaller side physically. How about JL's E-Sub e112-GLOSS? It looked to be pretty well reviewed on this site https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=104 http://www.jlaudio.ca/e112-gloss-home-audio-e-sub-powered-subwoofers-96279
  3. I'm considering the Paradigm Persona Sub. http://persona.paradigm.com/persona/specs.php?model=persona-sub It's a six 8-in driver design, 1700W RMS 3400W peak power I wanted to get some first-hand impressions or feedback of the product. A lot of people I talked to either love or hate it, but few seem to have actually used it. How is it? I will be using it 70% for HT and 30% for music.
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