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  1. Pradeep

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Well played:)
  2. Have you considered something like the 95db Volt 10lx? As you say the issue is the bass extension, I have a bunch of jbl 1214s I've been trying to figure out what to use for, one thought was to have 2 1214s supporting each volt and crossing over at 100Hz to the 10lx. That should allow them to have much greater extension. There was some posts from Erich over at AVS that mentioned a possible 12 or 15" coax a few weeks ago. That's of course if you dont want to go with something shallow like a Titan for surround use.
  3. Pradeep

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    The dcx2496 has some limitations. Three inputs being one. Can the Motu 24Ai be used to feed in analog 11.1 from a receiver and then output 11.1 back out after eq? Or do I need the Motu 24Ao unit for the analog output channels? Will be monitored/controlled via PC and prob jriver for the eq but would like to still be able to throw a 4k disk in the player and watch. Edit to add: ok so the 16A can do 16 in and 16 out and is $1500, otherwise 24 in and 24 out with the 24Ao and 24 Ai for $2000.
  4. Pradeep

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Thanks minnjd The blurays for 1 and 2 sounded pretty solid with a 15db low shelf at 20Hz. Then I played Star Trek 2009 with those settings, wife was not pleased when i went upstairs afterwards. Sounded tremendous in the basement I think I need to just mute the four um18s when shes home.
  5. Pradeep

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    It was JP1, MrGrey posted the graphs from all four of the 4k releases on avs and 1 and 2 both have rapid rolloff starting at 30Hz. Moreso than the bluray versions. Maybe it can be recovered once you guys have done your magic 3 and 4 look pretty solid.
  6. Pradeep

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Glad you got a tingle Infrasonic Got the 2496 hooked up, pc cable wont be here till tomorrow so I floundered around with the on unit controls. I think I've managed to get input A going to output 1 (S7201) and input B going to output 3 (gamma 21s), with outputs 1, 3 and 6 linked. I havent figured out multiple filters yet so I put a low shelf at 20Hz, 15db on output 1. Was watching the Jurassic Park 4k disk and really couldnt feel too much of a difference, but just put the Oblivion bluray on and holy crap I should have tried this sooner. Can't wait to get to grips with it more and be able to implement the eq as recommended. Im not running very loud on main volume so while theres significant excursion I'm not at the limits.
  7. Pradeep

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Thanks for doing this maxmercy. Just joined, been contemplating this thread for quite some time and finally ordered a dcx2496 to implement the beq for lfe and center channels. Lfe is a PSA S7201 and two Reaction gamma 21s VNF, and i have two PSA S15s running as subs for the center channel with a 210C sitting on top. I also have four um18s in sealed 4cuft flatpacks and two berry ep4000s, hopefully I can use the third channel of the 2496 to implement eq for those.