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  1. SME, Many thanks for the info. As far as being DYI capable goes...yes. While reading here initially I came across some stuff about building your own and had a fleeting thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea. My problem is knowledge. But I guess that'll come with time. I'm going to research that idea before pulling the trigger on buying anything yet.
  2. Hello. I'm new to all of this. If I'm violating rules or have posted under the wrong section please let me know. A friend of a friend recently decided to get married and move into her place. He decided to sell some of his man cave stuff. None of it was ever really upper end to begin with but I guess at least decent for the average consumer. It was Dell Optiplex PC with i5 2400 @ 3.1Ghz with GeForce 750 ti graphics card. LG SJ9 sound bar Vizio E70u-D3 display PS3 I've always been a fan of big bass in movies. I don't care about rattling the trunk of my car. But I love to feel it when watching a movie. When I got it all home and set up to say I was disappointed in the sound bar would be an understatement. Sure it was clean and crisp sound but the bass left so much to be desired. The first thing I did was download a test file for 5.1.2 from Dolby. Absolutely no sound from sub. I was confused. I know I had head the sub before but now nothing. I went to YouTube and watched a 5.1 test. Still nothing from sub. In that video I noticed her say "LFE channel". This was a brand new term for me. So I started Googling it. Since then I've looked for setting and so forth and still coming up empty handed. Last night after stumbling across this site (Good stuff. I like the idea of finding the best scenes for bass and going straight to them.) I had the idea of just slowly building my own system. (That's where you guys come in) My first thought was that since my GPU has 2 HDMI ports I could start with receiver, amp (needed now?) and sub and leave the other stuff in place until I added other speakers. I'm not really looking to rattle my neighbors windows but if they heard it every now and then it wouldn't bother me. The thought of a wireless sub has my attention. Do I really need to stay away from it? As far a the sub goes I'm not really willing to give up quality for this convince. Possibly with the rear speakers later but not the sub. Do need to ditch the graphics card and get a sound card? Possible I can run both and let each handle it's own stuff? What are some terms I need to be looking at when considering the sub, receiver and amp? Reccomndations? Any clues on no LFE sound on other stuff? Please let me know if I have broken the rules here or posted in the wrong section.
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