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  1. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Thanks for the suggestion! I have most of that already in place, but the 4 pole suggestion could be useful in the future ! The connector does make sesnse, should have gone with that instead of buying expensive cabling. Oh well. About the calibration file. I use an UMIK1, which has calibration files on the REW site.
  2. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    It's not only the weight.. It's also moving everything around so I can safely replace the subs. I got something with wheels to drive them around the room, but I need to remove the carpet to be able to do that.. And yes all the couches have their weight on the carpet Ö So yeah lot of work ! I was always wondering about the speakon plugs, can you give me an example of one? I was considering doing that too, but ended up just buying some short speakon cables. Way cheaper to be able to use regular wire (with cheap plugs). It's more that I dont have them laying around for the moment, so subs with placement on the opposit of the room is not achieveable. I can hower split the second and place 1 amp near each sub. Got some pretty long RCA cables so that is one way I could do it. The second amp does only have 800W 8ohm, but that should be enough to do some readings. Or would that change the response in aspect to the original amp I would use ?
  3. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    It's a shame I dont have anyone IRL to help with this part ? those subs are heavy beasts ! Also a shortage of cables.. I went with speakon cables in the end, and mine are not nearly long enough to run through the room to test all positions.. Will figure something out, but it might take some time. That is actually a very helpful tip! I don't really have the time (and cables or help) to try out all positions, but I do want to configure the setup for now. Starting with 1 placement might be a good way to start. Will help me figure out the other parts like delay, PEQ and integration. Will try that later this day!
  4. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Will do. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Lower crossover might be hard (they are at 80hz, and 60hz for the LaScalas might be hard). Can you tell me why it would be easier to integrate?
  6. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    So what would you recommend? One sub in right corner, and one in the "other" left? Seems plausible if I change up the position of the amps/processors. I measure "as is", which means through the AVP. I did disable the crossover in the processor. Will "disable" the AVP processor too next time ( by setting the crossover @250hz). Wasnt sure about the axis, so good to know! Will do them all together next time. For now I'm gonna try the different left sub position and do some measurements. Will also try some PEQs and include those. I know not to boost certain dips, how do I know which ones I can better leave alone?
  7. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Whoa! I think I scrolled out to much to get a good view (which was ofcourse not the best way to achieve this). Looks quite different @ 5db intervals true. It does! I used psychoacoustic smoothing to calculate PEQs for my mains (by recommendation), but wasnt sure if that was applicable to subs too. I set my presets to 5-200 to get the best view (without having the inclination to scroll out to see that range, causing a db range jump). I applied 1/12th smoothing. Same graphs as before, and I also added left and right sub seperately. Is this a more helpful presentation? Both subs Both subs (1 polarity inversed) Left sub: Right Sub
  8. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Also, I took some measurement (lot of different combinations). Anyone interested in helping me out figuring out what they mean, and how I can apply this for a good response in this position? Cant upload it, as it takes in too much space. Below is the response when running both subs without PEQ etc. Both dibs @16hz and 55hz get way deeper when one of the subs is run in opposite polarity. Does this mean they are canceling out each other partly? There is one dip @ 28hz which is only present when they are run with the same polarity. It looks like the left sub is almost completely flat down from 7hz to 80hz (now that I think of it, not sure if I used a high enough volume..). The right sub (corner) is flat from 5,8hz up to 30hz, then from 30hz to 60hz it gets a 15db boost, and then down again to 0db between 60-80hz. This translates into that plateau you see below when running both together. What is the best way to take on that 15db boost? Attenuate this part? Also, what kind of smoothing should I apply on this? 1/3th? same polarity: opposite polarity:
  9. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    For reference. Red = couch Purple = TV/center Blue = Fronts Yellow = subs as they are positioned now (moved the right one into the corner).
  10. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Now that you ask me... No idea. Read it somewhere once, but I might have misunderstood back then (and remembered it differently because of that). My room is really really assymetrical (an L-shape, with the second leg being the kitchen and extending from the right back.) The left wall is around 3-4m long, but as yo can see, it's not really directly next to the "TV / speaker" wall. It kind of protrudes. Should I try to get the sub completely in that corner? The right corner has a 4m wall (the "TV wall") and a 2,2m wall. Haha, I think I uploaded the wrong pic! This was the photo 3 seconds before I moved the whole setup (except the right LaScala which was positioned correctly) to the right. Will try to move the right sub to the right of the LaScala and see how much the boost/effect is. Might also try to place the left one in the cove to the left. I could also try to place the right sub to the left back corner (4m wall and 4m wall), that way I would have 1 in right front and in left back, so also symmetrical in a way no? And also spread out.
  11. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Ok, good to know. Was exactly what I was doing know (and what REW predicted). Haha, I should have known that was gonna be the solution (as it usualy is ) . Will try maybe one or 2 more placements.
  12. Droogne

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Hey @SME What would you recommend for placement of the subs? They fill in the space between the LaScalas now, but I know that placing them on similar sides is not ideal. Should I maybe move the right sub to the right of the right LaSCala (into the corner)? Also, do you have some advice on my question above this one?
  13. Well I listened to the FLAC version, so I'll try out the YouTube version tomorrow to compare !
  14. Also, on topic: One of the more terrifying ULF effects/sounds I have heard in all my listening sessions is definitely the opening song of Flume's latest album "Skin": Helix. It has that slow build up, and a heavy (+20hz) drop, but oh boy between that there was one moment which pushed my sub to all it's limit. Pretty scary!
  15. Haha completely understandable! But if you do have some things for me to try out (which I can measure / give a subjective listening to). Well I will definetely try that out, I havent really done experimenting with that kind of stuff so thanks. Well I'm very interested (have seen his name pass a few times), so might buy it