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  1. On 8/29/2018 at 11:55 AM, Ricci said:

    Good luck to you if you give it a shot. It's a rough field. Dog eat dog. Most of the time the lowest price wins. If not it's usually the oldest and largest name brands that will get the big money

    Funny.  The math and money says go with Danley TH221 or other OEM's that use 21's or even the M-Force.  Hence my interest in 24's.  You would not pay for it because you have the knowledge and connections to equal what I've found for less.  I can not design and build anything close for the money asked.  I do not have access to the raw drivers because i can not request special parameters for a minimum bulk order. Example: Madisound told me I would have to put together an order of 300 pieces in order to see another Aurasound NS18-994-A. Didn't bother asking parts express.  I'm sure what was available to us was not used in the Magcio Qsub.  I gave my ns18 away in Az.  Never used and don't regret it. Was a tease.

  2. On 2/12/2018 at 6:10 PM, Infrasonic said:

    Oh no problem, good sir just......... heeeeeyyyy wait a minute!

    You didn't let anyone else post before you replied to yourself. Looks like a discussion is going now.

    You're welcome and .... thanks. ;)

    Like I'm the only person that talks to self.  (Note to self, Infrasonic is not funny)  <---------  You don't do that?

    I am working on growing patience.  Give me time.  I had to help myself...the anxiety was killing me.

    Seriously, thanks for your input.  The IPAL Mod discussion you all had will help buy an extra driver or 2 instead.

    You are not welcome because, I'm back.  Are you the infrasonic that is Stereo Integrity on other forums?  If so, which 24 would be easier to mod for lf/ulf use outdoors?  The HS box requirement is too much without clamshelling.  The SHS is power hungry for the same output as the HS.  Would love a mixture of the two.  I probably have you mixed up with another subwoofer driver provider.  Screen name and subject definitely ring a bell.  I googled around for like 30 seconds.  Funk Audio?

    Had to come edit -

    Complete mix up of your user name with someone else's.  My head will jumble up some things at times.  

  3. On 2/6/2018 at 11:29 AM, Ricci said:

    This is not a customer service center where you are owed prompt attention. I don't have time to answer every post and PM,  or read this forum every day. It sometimes takes me a week to get back with people.

    Very few other people have any experience with this system. When no one has experience with it they can't help answer your questions.

    Patience is something I have had problems with forever.  I was wrong for that comment as it was more than had to be said...even if with a small percentage of "joking" in the motivation.  And yes, you do run this place like a customer service center.  I did come back and I am eating all the crow.  I apologize.  The interaction in this thread will help others.  Thank you for that.  I have been coming to this site for years as my half cocked online audio education progressed.  My hope is to make a weekend hobby/investment out of this as a retiree while my back and knees still work.  The engineering behind what happens in the realm of outside  venues is my new tangent in audio.  Reading best practices and understanding the math behind them is necessary/great, don't get me wrong.   Still, I need hands on.  So, I'll stick to providing equipment aimed specifically at augmenting low frequencies for a while - lf/ulf boxes that drop jaws outside.  If i do anything inside, i hope to push the envelope of high SPL "proper" bass.  Hopefully can trade use of my equipment and labor for training.  Would love to some day own and properly operate a Danley Jericho/DIY LF-ULF system that can entertain up to 1,000 people in open space with zero listener fatigue for hours at a time.  The Skhorn for IPALs is amazing.  The MAUL is a tremendous value.  Would like to see what Stereo Integrity 24 can do since charging the same price as rockford fosgate for the t3 19.  Not sure if SI products are used in the pro world.  Not in this for initial profit.  Need a way to scratch my car bass days itch without the police getting involved.  For some reason, I refuse to disturb my neighbors to the point that my desktop system has been stored.  Too much vodka and everybody has to listen to the Commodores.  Home theater subwoofers should be HOA violations.  Shared walls or single family period.  So, I'll find people with permits that have permission to have 20hz play as loudly as 20,000hz.  140 db at 10 feet is all i want.  hehe  

    If I haven't totally torn my draws with you, can you recommend a live sound training program in Florida (Tallahassee if possible)?  I read somewhere that Danley offers something for their dealers - wish that was available to the public.  I'm so trained to rack up student debt that a $10,000 Live Sound Engineering training program from Recording Connection sounds good.

    This is my red corvette zo6.  No, grey 911 gt2 rs is really what I'm after over time.   Midlife with no crisis, have a satisfying hobby, make extra retirement money for medical cannabis/random foolishness around the country in certain states AND I get to put my cnc machine research to good use.  My hope is to stay out of trouble and enjoy life until I kick the bucket.

    That was a lot.  Again, thank you for what you do.

  4. Can we take this a step further?  I've decided to go forward with diy and I have questions.  First, I own 1 Ns18 992-4.  I need 3 more to feel comfortable.  Powersoft k2/3 will get the job done.  Big boxes.

    But wait.

    IpalMod seems to be available in other countries to anyone that can click add to cart.  We can get the B&C Ipal here in the US.  Can the placement of the sensor be handled by a diy'er?  I really want the smaller enclosures.  Test mules crossed over high for getting the most out of my ls50w's and a couple more experimental speakers in mind.  

    Again.  My question: Is the ipalmod route (sensor placement) feasible for the diy'er.


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