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  1. lawbadman

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Hey Guys, Saw a new 21inch sub on Parts Express https://www.parts-express.com/lavoce-san21450-21-neodymium-subwoofer-8-ohm--293-732 What do you experts think? The specs look pretty good!
  2. lawbadman

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Hmmm So what do you guys think? Skhorn or BR? I can't make up my mind....lol
  3. lawbadman

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Hello guys, I have a pair of 18 Sound 18lw2400 laying around. I was wondering if my drivers are suitable for the skhorn? I'm considering either this skhorn or a simple BR tuned to 32hz... Thanks
  4. lawbadman

    B&C 21DS115

    Would this sub be suitable for the Othorn? Or is the 21SW115 a better choice? I ask because both are basically the same price. And I can't afford the 21SW152....