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  1. Haha, ya I already have people in my house complaining about the Klipsch subs so I can only imagine how it will be with these..
  2. Ya, that's what everyones been telling me that direct radiating is always gonna be more distortion. I decided to just pull the trigger on the Orbital Shifters, placed my order last night! Lol, I'll just have to figure out how to fit them in my theater room.
  3. Ya that thing is amazing and I looked into that one too but it's every bit as big as the Orbital Shifter. I was thinking of perhaps looking into something smaller. How do you think the Captivator S2 would do?
  4. See this is where I am kind of at a crossroads because that orbital shifter is HUGE if I could get away with going with JTR's sealed subwoofer it would save me a ton of room but many people I have talked to are telling me that since all my other speakers are horn loaded it will never sound right and all this. If you could, would you give me your input on this? Do you think a horn loaded sub is absolutely necessary?
  5. Oh ok I see what you mean now. Ya, I am using Dirac Live, the full version. I am running an Emotiva XMC-1 AVP and an Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 channel amp. Those are some really great options you shared, I appreciate it. I didn't even know those companies existed.
  6. Well my budget would be around 5-6k since that's what 2 orbital shifters is going to cost me. I would prefer built in amps and the size of the room is 21x19 (i know the orbital shifters will be overkill but the speakers I already have are overkill anyway I just want subs that can match their level of output) I'd really rather not do any DIY im not experienced with wood working or anything like that. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by what EQ do you have. If you mean what's the frequency response of the rest of the speakers, they can go down to 35 hz
  7. Title says it all, right now I am running Klipsch Klipschorns as mains, La Scala as a center and Chorus 1 as rears. I currently have the R-115SW subwoofer (x2) by klipsch but it really can't keep up with the rest of the system in terms of spl. As of right now I am heavily thinking about 2 JTR orbital Shifters as subs. Everyone I talk to on the Klipsch forums and pretty much anyone that knows a lot about audio says since I have fully horn loaded speakers up front I should without question get a horn loaded sub. The main reason for the subs would be home theater use as the K-horns have extraordinary bass on their own and when listening in 2 channel I usually just play them straight with no sub or anything else . What are your thoughts/recommendations?
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