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  1. iPAL enclosure details

    Single airspace. Cab was originally for 1 18"driver.
  2. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I've never been on social media. I need another time sink like a hole in the head.
  3. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    That's a lot to respond to. Couple of things I noticed. You shouldn't use 1pi as an approximation for 2 cabs. It's better to cut the Skhorn in half or double the inputs for your single driver simulation. Also I noticed some of your inputs for the 21SW152-4 are off. Re should be 3.4. Also the original Skhorn sim isn't as close as it could be. The original inputs were as best I could guess at it feeding inputs from the cab design back into HR during the design phase, prior to building and measuring. I never went back and fit it better to the real result. I'm lazy! I do have some preliminary target sims for my single driver, half size Skhorn cab, but I've not had time to get so far as to design the cab. The final cab design process takes about 100X longer than and always modifies the simple HR sims. That's why I haven't gotten it done yet. That looks like a lot larger boost than I would guess off of such a minor difference in frontal area. Hopefully I'll get time to look at some of it more in depth.
  4. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Don't worry I'm in much the same boat. I've been avoiding using it for a long time. I'd love to see a few of the measurements. I also needed this handy directivity calculator in my toolbox. I've done some checking and it matches up very well with my measurements. What I've found is that even relatively small baffles like 20x20" have effects down to 40-50Hz and lower. There isn't a whole lot of change from there until the baffle size gets truly large. I believe the enclosure used for the SI 24" testing and the DTS-10 were the biggest frontal areas I've had. If I recall they were providing 1dB of lift way down at 30Hz if not a bit lower. I've subtracted out the directivity lift for the Skhorn calculated by Edge and the results are pretty close. I'm working on tweaking the sim a bit closer in HR based on this. The main thing I'm seeing is there is still a moderate 1-2dB lift in the 50-80Hz region that I cannot seem to get in HR. I'll post a revised HR input when I'm done.
  5. Your best bet is to browse the catalogs of the major professional speaker companies. Covering 60-500Hz with a pro 12" should be relatively easy. There are probably a huge number of choices from Eminence, Faital, 18sound, BMS, Ciare, etc...That would all do quite well. Pick one that is readily available in your price range and that models well in the enclosure.
  6. Xarion Laser Acoustics

    Lots of things are spec'd to 10 or 20Hz but work pretty well lower than that. Hopefully this is one of those cases.
  7. Xarion Laser Acoustics

    I might inquire into the cost of one of these kits. Couldn't hurt to find out. What I like about this is the ability to handle extremely high pressures without any problem and the extremely small size. It would be useful for investigating inside of horns or bandpass cabs or other very close proximity high spl situations. I also like the idea that there are no moving parts, or diaphragm that reacts to physical forces with the associated resonances, etc. It removes one more source of potential variation from the signal chain. One thing that may be of concern is the laser head. This likely uses a small solid state laser so it could be engineered to last a good long while, or it may only last a few hundred hours. Depending on use you could be replacing the diode, or laser assembly once in 10 years or every year. Also lasers do not do well with shock, rapid temperature changes and humidity usually. That could be a concern. I'm speculating. They may have developed it around a very low cost, robust laser assembly.
  8. iPAL enclosure details

    That is the problem. I don't think I can get them from PS.
  9. iPAL enclosure details

    4 21's are in my 2 Skhorn cabs. Done... Ipalmod I'm not sure. Eventually want to do some comparative testing of with and without the feedback correction to document how much improvement it makes. May eventually get another plus the heatsinks and install them as plate amps in the Skhorns. I meant that finished M-force subs with a driver and module built in are available from a few companies. This would be one way to get the driver and module, without dealing with Powersoft engineering / support, but I'm not paying that much money.
  10. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    The more detailed Akabak simulation that I have is a closer match. HR is great but it doesn't have enough segments and other options available to sim the more complex enclosures as well as I'd like. I should probably update my HR Skhorn record and see if I can get it closer to the measured result. As far as the sensitivity measuring much higher than the simulation that is common. Nearly every sub I've measured comes in at least a bit higher than the sensitivity from the sims would suggest. I have long suspected that directivity may be part of that. There are also all of those other intangibles, like the driver behaving slightly different than the small signal parameters, inductance effects, resonances inside the enclosure, vent behaviors, etc. Are you using ABEC3? Care to share a bit of your simulation? I find ABEC3 extremely tedious to use due to all of the scripting required, so I avoid it most of the time.
  11. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Welcome to the forum Moar!! Thanks for the link. I did not have that program.
  12. iPAL enclosure details

    I have one Ipal module and 4 21Ipal woofers. I have been unable to get an M-drive module or system so far. I haven't tried hard to do so though. I could purchase an off the shelf sub but I'm not paying that kind of money. Paul I did not know that it would run without a sensor connected if the feedback is set at the lowest setting. Good to know. Is this confirmed in the literature or did you try it? Awedio I talked with Nathan Funk about the Ipal mod years ago and he had tried it on a DO sealed system and managed to blow one up with sine waves below 15Hz. I've never tried it on a sealed system yet but he told me that it limited the power below 15Hz and did not do well dumping current into those frequencies with a 1ohm system. That's just what I heard.
  13. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I'll have to get back with you tomorrow on this once I'm on my PC and can look at it in more detail.
  14. Woofer for 40-250Hz?

    The BMS should be really clean. You don't see them used much due to cost and difficulty of getting them in the US. Should be a great driver though.
  15. iPAL enclosure details

    I believe it could work with a DO box like this with a single sensor, but it is possible that the slightly delayed and lower level output from the other driver may cause it to become unstable or go haywire. Would need to do verification testing. M-drive module is much more up my alley...Unfortunately very difficult to get. Also note that the modules will not produce any amplification at all unless the DPC sensor is detected. It will not operate with out a sensor for each module.