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  1. Another 9 months and you may just be "finished". You are starting to dabble in what goes into putting a finished active speaker to market. If it is done right there is untold amounts of time spent tweaking.
  2. v2 update

    Looks good. Hopefully I can get back to work soon. Got a mountain of cabs in my garage. Might be the worst it's ever been. I see what you're doing there Kyle. Trying to make me into a photographer...GRRRRR.
  3. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Yes it can play up to 125Hz.I wouldn't run it as high as 150 ideally. It is really intended for below 100Hz as a subwoofer. It depends a bit on the drivers used as well. The 21Ipal drivers are smooth up until around 150Hz but the 21DS115 I expect may be a bit more choppy above 100Hz. Either way if running up that high you would definitely want to EQ down the peak at 215Hz and use a sharp 24dB/octave if not 36 or 48dB low pass for best sound quality and transition to the mains. Don't get me wrong it will melt your face off at 125-150Hz but the response gets real choppy not too far above 150 and it is best to avoid those out of band peaks being audible. Here is the expected response with the 21DS115. This isn't a real measurement set yet. Just a projection so don't take it as absolute. If this is close you would want to use 2 bands of EQ to bring down the 215Hz peak and also the bump near 125. I'll see if I can whip up the same with the 21SW152.
  4. Dang. That's my favorite bass range for big movie LFE effects. 10-25Hz. I much prefer movies that have this type of weighting to the mix than the overly hot 25-40Hz typical action movie rumble fest. Too bad about all of the clipping though.
  5. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    Right...That's what I mean. If you preserve incredibly high dynamic range with digital media that means your average level is going to be very low volume/signal strength, requiring much more gain to get the average sounds to a typical playback level. I wish there were more recordings like that. Just turn up the volume and the problem is solved. But the problem is, if you attempt to play a regular heavily compressed song after, it will blow your head off and make the dynamic recording sound weak in comparison. That's exactly how the loudness war started. Get the average level as high as possible. Louder=better or more noticeable. I'd like to see groups make 2 mixes. The squashed "radio" track and a much lower average volume mix with more dynamics. I see this issue as separate from your speaker system being capable of producing huge short term output. I consider that a reasonable goal that improves sound quality on a number of fronts.
  6. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    I've read some things on this topic over the years. I don't doubt that the peak levels produced by some everyday events are quite a bit louder than expected. Dropping a glass on a tile floor, slamming a car door, acoustic drums and cymbals, etc. To me the issue with the entire discussion which I never saw mentioned in that thread is the fact that none of the recordings contain that much dynamic range to preserve the peaks accurately. There might be some rare niche recordings but the typical mixes we listen to for music, broadcast and movies do not. Reproducing a car door shutting or dropping a dinner plate on the floor extremely convincingly is cool and all, but what recordings will allow you to take advantage of such playback capabilities? Some music should have 30 to 40dB dynamic range in the recording but let's say some albums actually get mixed like this to preserve ALL of the dynamics. So your average playback level of digital media has to be turned up 30-40dB to reach the same average playback levels. What happens when you forget to turn the volume down and something as badly compressed as Death Magnetic comes on with the average level 30-40dB higher? It could also cause issues with system noise floor having to use so much gain.
  7. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    Wonder if he will "loan" me one for testing? LOL. What does he expect people to power with these? I guess it could be useful in an arena or very large concert hall. for that price I'd expect some dsp and networking options and maybe a free hat.
  8. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    I've mentioned it a few times before. A pair of JBL 4675C's. The 2226H drivers out of the double 15" (4508A) bottoms I sold off and replaced with AE TD15M-4 drivers with the Apollo upgrade. They are wired in series. The big 2360A "butt" lenses still have the 2446H CD's on them. Those sit on top of the MAUL's. It is a tri-amplified stereo system run from a Peavey mixer into a DCX2496 which provides processing and routing to the amps. The current amps are a 20 year old Mackie M1400i on the 2446H drivers (Run from about 600Hz up.), a Crest 8002 powers the TD15M's which run about 80-600Hz roughly and a single SP2-12000 currently has a MAUL on each channel running <80Hz. There's no surround sound and I never replaced the old projector after it died a few years back so there is no video right now either. It's just a mammoth stereo or PA as needed. It's nothing special but does the job. Eventually I planned to swap out the 2446H's for some BMS coax's or something Be and probably change the lenses too. Now I'm having thoughts of doing something different for the mids and highs entirely. Try to roll my own Synergy's or other design? Not sure what yet. I'll probably upgrade the amps first. Eventually I'll put my K20's one on each Maul and move to SP's at the house so I won't have to deal with fan noise at home anymore. I want to get a newer amp for the CD's. Only class AB or H for those though. I still don't think class D is quite as good for HF. I might just go with an A500. The power requirements on the CD's is almost nothing even at ear splitting levels. The room is in an old rundown, warehouse / factory, in a ghetto part of town. Myself and the other musicians I work with, have been renting there for 8 years or maybe more. The whole building just about is rented out to musicians, artists or people needing storage. The outdoor test spot is right out the backdoor. The room itself is a shotgun shaped space about 18ft x 15ft x 36ft. Roughly 10,000cu ft. I'm guesstimating and could be off some, since I've never actually measured it. Walls are double carpet hung over sheetmetal and studs with main building supports in there too. Flimsy and leaky as hell but the carpet hanging from the walls and the directivity of the horns actually keeps the space relatively dead. Every surface in the room except for the garage style door and the ceiling are covered in carpet. The room is over the basement level, but the floors are 4 to 5 inch thick cement type material over timbers, so it will shake some, but not easily like a suspended floor in a house. It takes a bit more energy. Ceiling is the same deal. Back wall is a brick interior wall with carpet over it. The back ground noise level is high usually of course. There are no placement options really as the room is jam packed with equipment of all sorts. It is not ideal and there are all sorts of acoustic and structural issues that color the sound. For one my drums usually sit directly in front of one side of the stack. Thankfully the horns are 8 or 9 ft off the floor well over top of them and the bass just goes around, so most of the sound ends up in the right place regardless. None of that matters really because that's not what it's about in there anyway.
  9. Nice. Looks like you are finally getting somewhere. I can understand the whacka-mole game trust me! Tracking down unidentified causes of unwanted noises from a speaker system is always fun. Sometimes it's is obvious like a wire contacting the back of the cone and other times it is something much more difficult to ascertain. Any guess as to what one of these completed weighs?
  10. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    MAUL 2 is in place and the rest of the BIG stereo is back together. Next step is a few days tuning crossovers, delay and EQ until it sounds right. After that I want to make some amplifier changes.
  11. Just noticed that. I definitely liked the link directly to the main site!
  12. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I just attached the plans to the first post for anyone that wants them. I've had 3 or 4 other people request these plans over in Europe. Hopefully there will be some more documented builds coming up.
  13. Ricci's Gjallarhorn & Othorn Files

    Files posted. I've been meaning to do that for a long time.
  14. Ricci's Gjallarhorn & Othorn Files

    Gjallarhorn 2 plans. GH 2 print.pdf GH 2 print.DXF