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  1. Ricci

    B&C 21sw152 4ohm

    If the price for you is the same get the B&C no question. I wouldn't even think twice.
  2. Ricci

    B&C 21sw152 4ohm

    I don't have a single version of the Skhorn style of sub done. I'm going to work on it again soon but it will probably take me months to get the SW's design and prints done and it may not be what you are looking for anyway. It's not supposed to be a HT sub. I wouldn't wait on it.
  3. Ricci

    B&C 21sw152 4ohm

    It should be fine powering 2 21SW152. For HT in a home you may want to build a simple ported box with a tuning in the 15-20Hz range.
  4. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Nice collection of woofers there!
  5. Paul, We briefly discussed this before but I did receive a pair of 21Ipal's that had a ticking sound coming from inside the motor. It was the first pair I ever received. Sounds exactly like you described almost like diesel a engine and got worse with level. Also that pair had a different gasket material and the BL was quite a bit below spec on them. Almost like an old production run or something. My second set did not behave the same way. BL was up where it should be and no ticking sounds. Bennett exchanged the first set of drivers after I sent some video and explained it to him. I still don't know for sure what the ticking sound is. I've never had an issue with any other B&C woofer.
  6. I would not assume that those motors are identical...Most of the B&C bass drivers used 2 layer coils, inside/ outside wind with split winding on the outside layer only. Quasi / mini LMT design basically. Some pro woofers still utilize single layer coils. Note that they make a big deal of stating it's a 4 layer coil on the DS's. Gap size could different for the 2 layer coil and 4 layer. It probably would be. Wire gauge is probably different. Length of wire in the gap??? It's a guess without more information. Speaker motor and coil design is a DEEP rabbit hole. Car audio drivers have been using 4, 6 and 8 layer coils for years. I've even seen some drivers with 12 and 16 layer winds.
  7. The short version is that the answer is not as simple as that. Have you ever done modeling of electromagnetic circuits, or tried to design and model a speaker motor and voice coil system? The wire material, total length, number of turns, wire gauge, etc...All matter, but that is only part of the puzzle. The gap geometry, amount of wire in the gap, magnet size, shape, grade, steel grade, shape, etc all have an effect. It's a complex set of tradeoff's and compromises. If you modify one thing it affects many others. Copper and aluminum are both useful. Copper becomes very heavy and is more expensive for long xmax, large diameter voice coils like those required for modern sub drivers.
  8. Ricci

    Which sub(s), tops, divers, amps?

    Of course...With bass going bigger usually helps efficiency. I wouldn't call a cab that's 24x32x54" and almost 300lbs small though! Othorn is 24x36x36 and about 240lbs.
  9. 21SW152 is good for both cabs and quite a few others. That driver is a good long term investment. Can't say I really know much about Psytrance honestly but I assume it is electronically generated...Got a link to some representative music? I don't generally find that type of stuff very "fast" or "sharp" but it's not my usual genre either. Have you ever thrown it into a spectrum analyzer to see where the frequencies you find lacking are?
  10. Ricci

    Which sub(s), tops, divers, amps?

    The drawings available are the most up to date. V2 was an incremental improvement not a radical upgrade. Minor changes and some additional bracing. Trying to improve the Othorn led to the Skhorn. Make of that what you will.
  11. I prefer to use big beefy mains that can reach the subs well and truly cover the mid bass. Mains with dual 12's or 15's for example . Barring that I like to have a sub that can go up high enough to take the midbass on it's own. Mostly for the reasons that SME posted...Extra crossover, extra amps = more chance for mistakes and more difficult system integration top to bottom. Delay and timing issues etc... I get it though it's easy to turn up the channel for the amp driving the kick bins versus EQing it in. There's nothing wrong with a 4 or 5 way system. I've heard them sound good. Just takes a bit more work. Where it always gets me is in cost/weight/size. The extra kick bins often end up quite big and heavy. What if that extra cost/weight/size/power was put into the subs and mains? Most of the "subs" in the pro arena either have really bad issues above 100Hz or if they are good up to 150Hz or so have no bottom end. You end up with 2 way bass systems. The Skhorn can be run up to about 150-160Hz. It's one of the more brutal bass cabs I've ever heard, including the 80-160Hz octave. It is expensive and heavy though. I need to get my single driver version done. I don't know a lot about any of the options you listed. You never see good response measurements or even good simulations of these designs. You see a lot of people recommending and using them that say they are good but how often would people admit what they are using may not be that good? Not saying they are or aren't. I just don't know. I've not heard them except for the Martin 215. It was loud and efficient. A loud 100-300Hz bin is relatively easy. I'm probably not helping you much but I just don't know much about those proposed kick bins.
  12. Ricci

    Which sub(s), tops, divers, amps?

    A lot of people like the sound of the Othorn. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive over the years. Personally I think the Skhorn sounds a bit better than the Othorn even, but not near as many people have used or heard them yet. Those that have report very positively. Both sound really good to me but which one to choose comes down more to budget, size and preference.
  13. Ricci

    Adire Audio is back?

    No I get it...It's a legendary brand and it is cool that they are back even if Dan W. isn't the head operator these days. I guess I was excited that they might be producing some new updated designs along with revamps of the classics, but not so far. There's a lot more competition in high excursion drivers than there was a decade back. I'm not sure if the brand recognition and XBL^2 will be enough to generate sustainable sales. Best of luck to them regardless.
  14. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I'm keeping an eye out for availability here in the US but no one has them yet.
  15. Ricci

    Adire Audio is back?

    I have to agree...Bass drivers have gotten quite a bit better in the last decade.