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  1. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Hey Paul...yes I modeled that out of curiosity after the MAUL debacle with series "loaded" drivers. Yes if you change the driver specs some differences arise but what you have shown isnt too bad. Dont forget about how quickly suspension bits start to tighten on these pro drivers after 10 to 15mm. Not to mention the BL loss. The driver excursion should even out at the limits. Its fine for me. YMMV
  2. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I did not with the 21Ipal's. It performed as expected. Tested it to the limits of the amps with a SP-6000 and also a K20 bridged. In all 3 tunings to boot. No issues at all in any use or test I've thrown at it. There are a few other guys with these now as well and they've not reported anything either. If it bothers you a simple addition for peace of mind for the Skhorn layout is to simply add a 1/2" solid panel from the front panel to the back. It would literally be two completely isolated cabs in 1 box if that is done. You would have some slight changes in the upper end response due to changing the "special sauce" a bit though. Nothing to worry about there.
  3. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    4 ohm are a little better according to modeling due to slightly higher motor strength / lower Qts. Both should work though.
  4. Ricci

    Raw data for just 1 system

    Im wanting to say I have approaching 40gb of "speaker" related files and measurements. Its been a while sonce I checked.
  5. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Looks like mission accomplished to me. Response shape is good. 30Hz is absolutely hammered. The 21Ipal will take a beating and those impedance mins pull a lot of current. Not surprised the amp gives up first. I ran the K20 bridged into the 2 ohm load which is in no way recommended. It operates decently but same as the FP amp it does not like the huge current dump required and protects out.
  6. Never bring that movie up again...👎 I absolutely have a soft spot for the original Barbarian movie with Armhold Musclehugger and James Earl (Baseball Vader) Jones. The soundtrack is the shit. The new one was such a fail on so many levels. 103min of wind noise might be right...
  7. Ricci

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    I know right?...You know things are bad when I'm trying to be the voice of reason for someone's bass habits! But seriously...I'm thinking sell off 8 Othorn cabs and 4 21's. Use that to help fund 2 Skhorns with the remaining 4 21's which will damn near be = to 4 Othorns but less cubic volume than 3 of em. Use the new found space to bring in another 4 Terraforms to BEEF up the <30Hz. WIN! I'm kidding sort of but 8 Terraform's and 2 Skhorns does sound like a hell of a system.
  8. 2018 test season is here! Results and notes for this new JTR sub are viewable now. Enjoy!
  9. For the 21DS115 in an SKHorn, is there much/any difference in potential performance between the 4 or 8 ohm versions with the same actual power being applied?

  10. Ricci

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    I was reading this and was going to ask if other Terraform placement options were being considered. I look at all those cabs and I am glad that's not my room. I'd probably spend 2 to 3 days measuring/listening and changing cab configurations like having the worlds largest Jenga set. Also...And I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but...I think he should probably sell off or repurpose a few of those Othorns and get a bit of space and placement flexibility back. I can't see how anyone could really uncork 8 Othorns in a space like that. He could go down to "just 4" LOL and it is still going to be headroom well beyond what will be used. He probably has 115dB sensitivity or higher over much of the bass range. 100W total spread across the 8 cabs is probably well into house wrecking levels already.
  11. Ughh...Dang. I might have to pick up HH just to give that a listen. Has anyone seen it? The reviews aren't good but if it has some big demo worthy moments I might give it a go anyway.
  12. Ricci

    Woofer for 40-250Hz?

    Good deal. Keep us updated on the TD12X's and the project overall.
  13. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    External dimensions?
  14. Ricci

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Agreed on the ID 18sound drivers vs the IPAL B&C's. I have the 21nlw9601 and a 21ID and they are identical outwardly. Only the sticker visually indicates a difference. I believe the 18Sounds simply use a heavier 4 layer coil to get more force on theirs vs the 9601 series, whereas the B&C drivers seem to have entirely different and beefier motors and coils.
  15. Ricci

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    This looks like a fairly small room, with cinder block walls and a cement floor? Yeesh that room probably has an extraordinary amount of gain to begin with. Blowing out windows??? No wonder. What's the dimensions on that space? I'd bet there is some weird effects going on due to that connection to the other space. It'd be a good data point to see the before and after effects of closing that connection off. Looks like if he stacks 6 of the Othorns on the 36x36 side he would have the same height overall but save 12" of depth out into the room. What he does with the other 2 Othorns I'm not sure...Good luck with the endeavor. I'll be interested to see what you find. The 36" extension sounds like it may work and he definitely has headroom to spare so a loss of a few dB midband shouldn't be noticed.