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  1. StainlessSteve

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    Oh, my apologies Mark. I didn't realize you were so knowledgeable in the area of the tapped horn.
  2. StainlessSteve

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    That calibration file is not ANSI certified and they're usually the same calibration file for multiple mics. You can get a calibrated UMIK1 against an ANSI certified mic that is flat to 5hz for $120.
  3. StainlessSteve

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    Without room gain eight of those cabinets would be able to hit 153dB at 40hz according to Ricci's measurements, with room-gain that would be even more. I would love to see some measurements! Lukeamdman hit 152dB at the listening position with eight ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21 and two Ipal 21" Othorns. And if anything else beats that (besides Tom's sonic boom generator) it might be popalock's 32 sealed 18"s and two sealed 24"s or Leons who built eight ported HS-24"s alongside his four LAB subs.
  4. StainlessSteve

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Curious, I see you have a mic calibration file, what mic do you have and how did you get it calibrated? I have an EMM-6 and got it calibrated independently by Spectrum Labs flat from 5-25,000hz and it cost me $110 for both the mic and the calibration (but if you buy an EMM-6 from them, the cost is $75 with a 45 and 90 degree off-axis 5-25,000hz calibration) Changing your amplifier will change your response shape only by the amount that the frequency response is different from the amps. It won't change your shape as much as having a properly calibrated mic. When it comes to plugs, here are the ones I recommend: http://www.neutrik.com/en/speakon/nl2fx They're two-pole, 40 amp continuous, 250v rated plugs that work with these or any of their 2-4 pole chassis connectors. http://www.neutrik.com/en/speakon/speakon-chassis-connectors/nl2mp. If you get those chassis connectors, you can use https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011OB49X2/, crimpers and 12-14 AWG wire and you will not need to solder. Also, if you get any Speakon plugs, you will need a Pozidriv #1 bit to tighten the screws. You could also make a cable with four-pole Speakon on one end, two two-pole Speakon cables on the other end, wire it so each pair of the four pole is to a voice coil of one sub, and the two two-poles are each connected to an amp or an amp channel. That way, you can series or parallel the coils without actually opening the cabinet and moving wires around.
  5. StainlessSteve

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    Since Tapped Horns have their horn section defined by the location of the front and backs of their drivers, they do not entirely benefit from extensions. This is the reason that their response shape doesn't change when with multiples, unlike front loaded horns. This cannot be simulated with hornresp as the cabinet use all five available segments. Akabak would be the easiest way to simulate it that I know of, but I don't see an advantage. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news.
  6. StainlessSteve

    Room Eq Wizard (REW) 1 cycle and 1.5 cycle group delay (GD) overlays

    Thanks! I think someone should put that in the "downloads"
  7. Hello. I was curious if anyone had REW measurement overlays of 1.5 and 1 cycle group delay and could supply them. I think that a lot of people would use them.