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    JL Audio Fathom F113 (v2)

    Its a shame all that sub work Illka's did is down the drain. Apparently it has something to do when HTS transitioned to new server. I messaged the HTS admin to advise them of this but have not heard back. Is the google imaged "Maximum Output Level" FR curve for F113 measured groundplane ?
  2. blake

    JL Audio Fathom F113 (v2)

    David - interesting take, thanks for your perspective. No, I don't own any JL Audio products yet. I was considering Fathom F113, as they have been highly praised as top-tier subs (overtaking Velodyne) on some other large AV forums. It certainly does appear the sub landscape is changing, as you point out. You are right, this is only a (smaller) 13.5" driver, but there is 4" woofer excursion giving 6.3L (386 cu inch) of effective displacement, which outperforms many larger size drivers. I do want to stick with a sealed sub (not a massive ported) as there is a degree of WAF/asthetic requirements. Need two subs in a couple corners to smooth out some low frequency dips in the room I have identified with REW. Use is 70 % home theater / 30% music. Space is L-shaped room, total 3600 cubic feet (but open stairwell to upstairs). Primacoustic London 12 acoustic treated space (bass traps and absorbers as highly reflective room). Listen at -10 dB reference. (ability to achieve THX spec 115dB peaks @ 30-60Hz would be awesome) DIY is not an option (maybe one day..).
  3. blake

    JL Audio Fathom F113 (v2)

    Any plans to test the JL Audio Fathom F113 V2 (or even V1 which is 8 years old now)? Many review sites award it one of the best compact, sealed sub out right now (commercial)... but so little objective measurement data.