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  1. The receiver is a new Denon X4300H. Audyssey set both trims at -9. I'm not sure if that answers your question about receiving a hot signal from the AVR. I described the problem to PSA when I first noticed it. They sent me a replacement woofer which I already installed. The problem is much less than it was, but unless the audio was badly clipped, I wouldn't expect any bad noises from the subs at -8 MV and only running them a few dB hot at the AVR. With 2 good subs in a med/large room, I should be able to crank them pretty hard before hearing any break up. I did notice a small "pop" each during a scene of The Force Awakens and 13 Hours last night (forget what scenes). Since the other sub is fine, I still wonder if something is amiss with the V1500. I just wanted to know everything I could before contacting PSA again. Other than the beginning of Edge of Tomorrow, are there any particular scenes that would be a good test for whether the sub is acting normal or not? Can I assume that I should be able to run reference volume with no sub boost (leave the trims where Audyssey set them at -9) without problems if everything is OK with the subs?
  2. In the first scene on Enders Game, when Mazer Rackham's ship flies into the mothership, is there a lot of clipping on the big explosion? I've heard some unpleasant sounds coming from one of my subs (PSA V1500) during that scene. If the other (XV15SE) makes any unwanted sounds, it's a lot less than the V1500. The subs are run a few dB hot from where Audyssey (MultEq XT32, no dynamic EQ) sets them. I've listened to some of my other bass heavy movies and so far this scene seems to be the only troublemaker. I'm trying to figure out if something's off on the V1500, or if that scene just has a lot of clipping. The graphs earlier in the thread don't have this particular scene.
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