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  1. "..It's been in the works for a while now and I'll make at least one small production run of them and see what happens. I've talked to Jake at Sundown Audio and he will be taking over the sales and support on the 4" coil 18" as I will no longer be involved with direct to consumer sales..." thanks i didnt see that. Sounds like a "see how it goes" type deal. Maybe Nick will pop in and add to that
  2. Sundown took over the HT18 sales to and it was the last run for those. I think my question is a legitimate one. Not sure why you two are opposed to me asking it.
  3. I know but Im still interested in hearing what its future is planned to be at this point. I plan on pre-ordering at least 2 but if they are going to be a limited run I may want to get more while they are available. edit: and pre-orders are supposed to start before April
  4. Nick, do you plan on keeping this driver in your lineup for a while or is this going to be a one run and done type thing? Asking becuase you said you are getting out of direct sales and this driver was planned before that decision.
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