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  1. Yes, well...sorta. It was that loud and stuff but I have a feeling there is sub 30hz content in that sequence from AotC. Good note though as the beginning of that sure would clip up my BFD. DKR sure has a disappointing mix. Argh! It annoys me. I saw it in IMAX and regular and especially in IMAX the plane sequence with the music and gunshots being as loud as they are and fighting each other to be on top in the mix.... ugh, my ears are fatigued within minutes. I'd go as far to say that the first third or half of this movie is harder on the ears than any of the LOTR movies with their grating sound. I've recently started using my Onkyo's built in Re-EQ function cuz I get excess treble in my room. Still loud. I know that effects the high treble more so and this stuff is probably super loud 1-4khz. And that's so annoying. All the gunshots in the movie sound like a .308 mic'd an inch away. SUPER FUCKING LOUD and clipped so it sounds dull and flat but like rock concert loud. WTF! Oh and I was watching at -7dB just for clarification. Then about half way thru the movie it all tones down. Uhhhh ? The hell? The worst parts are definitely the plane sequence and the shoot out at the bar. The Bat sounds cool, imo but no deep stuff. It's too bad the Tumbler doesn't make it around much. I don't remember hearing them at all over the dang Bat when they are around. Lot of people complained about Bane's voice being ... what, too forward or something? I thought it sounded fine. Kind of epic and larger than life which I kind of liked. Again, I don't have a small center channel so maybe I've got an edge on that. *shrugs* Yep. Definitely not demo material. I wouldn't recommend it for that. I like Batman though so I bought it up and don't regret it.
  2. I got a chance to watch DKR at home yesterday. My twin LLT's had no problem with this soundtrack. Barely anything registers below 30hz. Ugh. However, there were some very loud 30-40hz content. The first showing of 'the Bat' when it takes off was very loud. I saw the clip indicator on my BFD light up during that part and I almost never see that. I think what Bosso and Ricci are saying about overall loudness is correct. Maybe there was the thought of filtering down low to bring up the headroom higher up because man that was loud. To me it was pretty awesome but I would much prefer some low, deep bass. With 10hz extension ... I mean, c'mon. Batman Begins had the best bass I think with the Dark Knight close in. At least it had deep bass.
  3. Max, on the AvP post... is that the mildly extended version with the alternate beginning? I am thinking so and that the most dynamic part (and upper 20's, low 30's peak) is right at the end of that sequence. I graphed that a long time ago from the dvd. Might have to see if I still have those waterfalls for that one. Bosso, totally not surprised wrt DKR bass. It was definitely a 30hz fest for the most part. Disappointing. However, what part was it that got that super loud and deep? Yup. Found some old graphs of AvP. They might not be properly calibrated. I did them when I very first started doing graphs. Beginning: Ship fires on Earth: AvP dvd menu:
  4. Anyone have an option of both the Cerwin Vega CV-5000 versus the Marathon MA-5050? I've seen pics of the internals and they seem nearly identical though I think the Marathon had more output transistors. They are both rated the same. Over the past few weeks I've seen the CV as low as $780 on ebay with the Marathon usually between $800-900. Thoughts? Also... what is everyone think of the Sanway LG clones? Not much talk about them over here.
  5. I think you should post up a nice tutorial on how to do these P-A graphs so we can help you out, brah.
  6. Matrix Trilogy, definitely. Superman Returns Knowing The Day After Tomorrow Running Scared (dvd) Pearl Harbor Titan A.E. (dvd) The Haunting (DTS dvd) LOTR Theatrical (to compare to EE) Live Free Or Die Hard Inception Cloverfield
  7. All the ratings are fine. You don't need to change them. The problem is is that you have been graphing many good titles. Start grabbing some random movies not known for thier bass and those ratings overall will be lower. It's just that we know what is good for bass and are starting with all those.
  8. Damn! Thought this thread was Max's build thread. Tim, how about sealing up the Caps? Those with your triple opposed 10's should do the trick, yeah?
  9. Wow! You two are really turning up the heat! Awesome graphs Bosso. I approve of the new title header....thingie.
  10. Hmmm.. Very interesting and good to know! I love dynamics (as my uber speaker system would ellude to). Makes me curious about TF3 as that is my current favorite 7.1 surround mix. I remember when it came out that you said that you were disappointed in the sound mix as there was too many recycled sounds, iirc. Something like that. I would agree somewhat. There didn't seem to be a large amount of new material but the mix in 7.1 was epic and super thick. I rarely find sound mixes like it and can really only compare it to something like Saving Private Ryan in it's detail and pure sound field saturation. I love it.
  11. Fantastic graph, Max! Comparisons like that would be very helpful. One oldie from my dvd graphing days I'd like to see is Running Scared. Had some good single digit content, iirc. The openning shootout alone, even...
  12. I'm a fan of the first posted template, Dave. Although one slight change I'd do: move the SPL scale off the actual graph somehow. At some point it will block some of the graphed content. Maybe have it right below where you have it saying 'Chapter 17'. Right in that spot. There should still be plenty of room for the scene specific details. Still wondering about quantifying the rating system. If we are indeed rebooting the whole system and going for consistency, maybe we should not use the star system anymore. Simply thinking because it could be confusing for those regraphed scenes and movies that may get a higher or lower rating than before. Also, there really wasn't a whole lot of science in how we did it before. I'd say for the most part we got it right but those who didn't really skewed things up and then we got into all those back and forth spats regarding a simple star rating. Avengers certainly wasn't the first time it happened. I'm very much pumped up to get back into the game and do some scene specific and maybe even do the P-A charts. I just don't know how to do it AND be consistent with someone else's settings. Over the years, I've mostly copied Dave's settings just by eyeing it and then recently he had posted some more specific info. All I need to know is what kind of gear I need to this because I won't be able to afford the awesome microphone B has to do his in room and I'm still stuck at 8-9hz extension in my room so maybe not a hot idea. I'd prefer to do all these digitally so to completely even the playing field and also accurately capture <5hz content when there is some. Keep me in the loop. I'll be watching this thread.
  13. Very cool stuff, Kyle!
  14. I must have this Sun Down z3 18! Several!
  15. Woot! Things are starting to pick up now. Nice to see so many AVS regulars here.
  16. Ohhh, that would be cool! Good one, DS-21. Forgot about the w15GTI. That would be one to test. Fo sho.
  17. Hey there fellow Data-Basser's. How about we talk about our favorite amplifiers for reproducing enormous amounts of bass? I'd like to know what everyone else likes as I'm not super experienced with different amplifiers but I know several of you are. Especially you, Josh. Sooo... on the cheap end: Behringer Ep2500/4000 Great overall power output, distortion, low end extension and at ~$300-350 a pop, a damn steal, imo. Can be modified very easily to be quiet too. I also think the higher powered Marathon's look good but I've never used one. The Lab clones seem to be the real deal as long as one doesn't get a bad one. I will own both a FP+14k and a FP+10kQ soon.
  18. I'd definitely like to see the AE AV15 and TD18 measured but they seem to be pretty hard to get currently. Especially the AV series. The Aurasound NS18 would be sweet too and I think they just got back in stock. I'm pretty tired of most of the Fi stuff cuz they seem to be more of the same from each other. However, I would like to see the SP418 measured. That one seems cool. I'm still interested in sending over some of the lower priced drivers such as: Dayton DVC15 and RSS380hf. Those are pretty popular and it would be interesting to see them measured up against the competition.
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