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  1. Infrasonic

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Ahhha. Okay. Lol, don't act like I wasn't there. Mmm. Mhmm. Good luck, sir!
  2. Infrasonic

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Like a dual opposed sub? Lol...not sure if serious, David. ?
  3. There was a graph. Must have disappeared with the rest. I remember it graphed (and sounded/felt) well on my system. Thought the sound was pretty terrific actually. Nobody seems to like this movie though. I liked it well enough. Just wasn't the Prometheus sequel everyone wanted and expected.
  4. It's painfully obvious, especially after all this time and with a strong consensus in the community.... that there is not a technical limitation in play but rather a creative one. These start out as crummy mixes outright and they stay that way all the way to home video. So at least they are consistent.... consistently average at best.
  5. Infrasonic

    BMS 18N862

    Awww dang! Had this high on a hopeful "wishlist" of sorts. Not that I have any direct experience with this driver, it seemed to me like an excellent driver all around. I would wonder what kind of update BMS would have for it.
  6. There was .... ...until the original poster of them decided to redact all previous posts with them. idk why
  7. Infrasonic

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Holy cow! That looks like quite the heavy hitter, post BEQ. Very nice.
  8. Then who are all those people living inside my surround processor?
  9. "Long term power effects" and... you were watching a movie? For real, dude? Can't have ya worrying about a thing like that. Sounds like a new set of surrounds is in your near future.
  10. Lol yeah. All us crotchety geezers still postin. ? Hey, James! *waves* Nice to see you around too! I can't get this glorious blaring music loud enough in 2049, man. ? Not even close. ? A visit with the DRC fairy might alleviate the issues you're having with this particular movie and/or composer.
  11. Sure. I mean, it's mostly a ~30hz extended movie with 1.5secs of massive ULF. But yeah, I guess it is unfiltered.
  12. Infrasonic

    Samps DS21 Build

    Lookin' good! Nice response too. That would even be a nice response post EQ.
  13. Infrasonic

    Raw data for just 1 system

    Well.... shit.
  14. Yay! Oh, I love seeing these EBS/LLT style subwoofers hitting the market. Way to go, Jeff P!
  15. Infrasonic

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    Option #3: Use active crossover to mate each Cat to a pair of Othorn's as bass cabs. Set fullrange bass management in AVR. Highpass Othorn's if need be. ULF content in mains be damned. Use all Terraforms purely for LFE channel. Haha, these hypotheticals are fun! But seriously so much damage can be had with this system. I love it.
  16. Suhweet! Did you happen to record this thunder? Ever listen to the Danley fireworks recording?
  17. Infrasonic

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Lol... guess there aren't enough Top Gear fans reading. ? Yeah, Oblivion has got a nice amount of sub-20hz bass good for a Bass-EQ for sure. The Jurassic Park movies, not so much real deep stuff. Not sure which JP movie you were watching. I think JP3 has the most powerful deep bass of all of them.
  18. Infrasonic

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Mmmm... A gear list like that makes me get a fizzy sensation somewhere behind my penis but not in my prostate. Does anyone else get a fizzy sensation behind their penis or is it just me? ?
  19. Infrasonic

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Ah yes. It can be difficult to move these large subwoofers around. Especially by oneself... Do you have a dolly or handtruck handy? Though tedious, removing the driver from the cabinet would lighten them up real good. ? Did you purchase pre-made speakon cables or make them yourself? All my subs and LCR's are hooked up with Speakon but I made the cables. (just bulk cable that I terminated each end with a purchased set of speakon plugs. nothing special.) That's okay if you can't do it right now. Do the best you can with what you have available. Though in the grand scheme of things HT-related, having some cables on hand is pretty affordable and will aid in setup of your system to it's fullest. I mean, if that's the sort of thing holding you back.
  20. Infrasonic

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Trying for yourself any physical location that seems practical enough for you. You don't need any one on the internet to help you out with this part. Setting up two subs at the same time can be quite involving. I'd suggest measuring/testing one at a time (took make things easier). You will find an ideal location easier for one. For simplicity sake, you can even stack the 2nd sub on top of the first. Eventually you will find that a spot works rather well, then you can try and integrate the 2nd sub. Doing it this way will probably take more time but you will make less mistakes. Another tip is to treat two sub locations as one. If you can place the subs in locations that are equidistant then setting up delay/distance/phase will be easier and applicable to both physical enclosures. Likewise, you can EQ them as a "single" unit. This will also aid in the simplicity and less chances for mistakes. Trust me, I've been through it.
  21. Sounds interesting! Not sure if that's a link or what you put there but it's not working at the office. Will check again at home.
  22. Infrasonic

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    Dude. Shrink that dB range. It's a whopping 20dB per division!!! You need to set it to about 5dB per division. It will, of course, make your response look .... much worse. But it's for a good cause! Trust me. Smoothing? It's up to you. Don't go any more coarse than 1/6 which is a good way presenting an entire frequency response to a discussion but not very useful for doing the nitty-gritty, which you're deep into now. I usually go fully unsmoothed (or barely smoothed like 1/24) until I've knocked out the bad stuff. Then I usually go with 1/6-1/12 just cuz it makes it easier to read and towards the end of your journey (being real for a moment) isn't as necessary because... who cares. Posting a frequency response of one's system with no smoothing is pretty annoying and not very useful to anyone unless you're trying to troubleshoot. So.. at first, use no smoothing. Then after you have done most of the PEQ work, there is little need NOT to smooth. If that makes sense. Repost with better graphs and we can move onto the next section.... 5-200hz is a great bandwidth to look at while measuring your subwoofer system. You want at least an octave above and below the operating range to make sure things are integrating well (on the top end) and how well the extension is.
  23. Infrasonic

    Sundown ZV4 18D2 - sealed enclosure

    These are sealed subs so you don't need to worry about setting any highpass filter or anything. At least not yet. Also "EQ'ing" below 20hz isn't really all that necessary. However, boosting the lowend with a shelving filter would be useful and the corner frequency for that does not require to be under 20hz and likely somewhere in the 20-35hz area. So that's that. You will have to measure your response and go from there. Setting up a new system will require some trial and error. Placement also depends on the geometry of the room and where you will have the MLP. Measure any location(s) you can or want. Don't just guess or simulate it. See what actually performs the best.
  24. Infrasonic

    Othorn - HT capable?

    Damn. That is refreshing to hear...read. Keep it up! I agree btw.