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  1. Oh yeah, I guess you could have a higher vertical res in some way. I have a triple screen PLP layout at home. I should do some long waterfalls.
  2. When I used to do Speclab's for dvd's I had to either have a more zoomed out view (harder to see details) or keep it zoomed in and take multiple shots. It was quite tedious but it worked.
  3. Interesting! I do know what you're talking about. Always wondered why I could never hear/feel this effect on my main rig but could in other rooms on hdtv feeds of PR. The UHD version is on my Amazon UHD wishlist for dat Atmos. Will get it eventually. Looks like a good upgrade. Would love to sync the 3D version to the new Atmos audio. But that goes without saying.
  4. Noticeably less rolloff below 20hz. Systems that can reproduce that bandwidth should feel the difference.
  5. iPAL enclosure details

    Oh no problem, good sir just......... heeeeeyyyy wait a minute! You didn't let anyone else post before you replied to yourself. Looks like a discussion is going now. You're welcome and .... thanks.
  6. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    Umm.... Hmmm.... Specs: 32" subwoofer Oh boy. Okay. Let's check the "parameters" shall we...? Vas .... 50 liters ? Really? Qts .... .21 " dual 4-layer 6 inch voice coils " *Ponders what other .21 Qts drivers look like* Yyyeah nope.
  7. Haven't seen this one yet. Wanted to catch it in theaters but missed it. It does look good, on paper at least. Could be a quiet one with only a handful of "good bass" scenes. Haha! Yeah, really.
  8. Indeed! Now that's more like it. .....and also... ....now let's have MOAR like it!
  9. B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    Nice. Now that the hard part is over with....
  10. B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    Working at all and being "recommended for" are two different things. I know you're on a budget. Don't lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish, whatever that may be.
  11. Nah. They leave that sort of thing to the guys at home who own MiniDSP's and can't leave well enough alone.
  12. B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    Lol.... no.
  13. B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    15hz is a pretty good goal for extension, if it's in limited quantity. Extension below is honestly not as exciting as it sounds. 15-30hz is where the real meat of that sensation of "weight" is. Below 15hz, there isn't so much sensation to be appreciated. The effects on the room on the other hand, are quite palpable sometimes. Will this affect your enjoyment? Maybe. After a while the effects become less interesting and more like a cheap parlor trick. Don't get me wrong, I'm not poo-pooing full bandwidth extension. Just saying that producing it might not really add to the enjoyment of either movies or music....as 15hz and up surely will. As @SME mentioned, you can still build a riser with no drivers. That is a thing people do.
  14. -10dB point is ~15Hz on the Avg. Not great but not that bad. Just looks worse than it is with lots of peak energy in the 30's which is typical. To be noted, it looks to be (and is) a very dynamic track with very little clipping of which is only in the LFE channel. Also a first rate immersive/surround mix.