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  1. All outputs from immersive audio formats are full range. The playback system handles the bass management. It is up to the mixer(s) to decide how much bass content goes to which location. While rare, it is totally possible to have full range content output from any speaker position, including the overhead speaker positions.
  2. Infrasonic

    Adire Audio is back?

    Just thought it was nice to see a nice brand make a return. We scoff at the performance to price ratio now but back in the day, they were the shit. My Tempest still sounds nice today. I guess I have a soft spot for Adire Audio. They got me into DIY audio. So.... yeah.
  3. Infrasonic

    Adire Audio is back?

    Was feeling nostalgic and did a Google search on Adire Audio tonight.... They are back and have stock? Waht?! What day is it? What year? Did I wake up from a nap and now back in 2005? I know I've been out of the loop for a while but... Did you you guys know they were back? They have OG Shiva, Tempest, Brahma and even the Tumult on the site. Holy crap! Adireaudio.com Anyway. Just wanted to share you guys. Good ol' days, huh?
  4. Infrasonic

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Ahhha. Okay. Lol, don't act like I wasn't there. Mmm. Mhmm. Good luck, sir!
  5. Infrasonic

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Like a dual opposed sub? Lol...not sure if serious, David. ?
  6. There was a graph. Must have disappeared with the rest. I remember it graphed (and sounded/felt) well on my system. Thought the sound was pretty terrific actually. Nobody seems to like this movie though. I liked it well enough. Just wasn't the Prometheus sequel everyone wanted and expected.
  7. It's painfully obvious, especially after all this time and with a strong consensus in the community.... that there is not a technical limitation in play but rather a creative one. These start out as crummy mixes outright and they stay that way all the way to home video. So at least they are consistent.... consistently average at best.
  8. Infrasonic

    BMS 18N862

    Awww dang! Had this high on a hopeful "wishlist" of sorts. Not that I have any direct experience with this driver, it seemed to me like an excellent driver all around. I would wonder what kind of update BMS would have for it.
  9. There was .... ...until the original poster of them decided to redact all previous posts with them. idk why
  10. Infrasonic

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Holy cow! That looks like quite the heavy hitter, post BEQ. Very nice.
  11. "Long term power effects" and... you were watching a movie? For real, dude? Can't have ya worrying about a thing like that. Sounds like a new set of surrounds is in your near future.
  12. Lol yeah. All us crotchety geezers still postin. ? Hey, James! *waves* Nice to see you around too! I can't get this glorious blaring music loud enough in 2049, man. ? Not even close. ? A visit with the DRC fairy might alleviate the issues you're having with this particular movie and/or composer.