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  1. Haha. My bad. I think it should have said, "spectrum of movie titles". If all you do is watch rom-com's from the 90's, you're not going to find a lot of ULF. I'm slowly losing my mind.... it's okay. I won't say there are "many more" unfiltered movies than umm...filtered movies because I'm starting to wonder if your idea of "unfiltered" means a flat PvA curve... Everything we hear in movies is 100% studio creation so they are under no obligation to be flat-to-DC type extension in their audio mix in every single release. Is it really a surprise that the overall curve of most movie's bass PvA looks very similar to the capabilities of pro-style cinema sub-bass systems? I agree with your last sentence.
  2. Enjoy! Not much. There will be some, sure but not a note-worthy amount. The point of those demos is to demo Atmos. Hogwash. It only seems like a "trend" because audio enthusiasts started graphing bass when things started to get interesting and the industry has reeled back, for the most part, since. Look at it another way and bass content in film <25hz is the exception rather than the rule. For every "filtered" new movie there is one or more that isn't. Also depends on what bandwidth of movie titles you consume. Fortunately, the trend with newer movies is better surround mixes but we don't talk about that here.
  3. Agreed with @maxmercy list there. Both Dunkirk and Jedi will not be great titles to test <20hz content, imo. They will both have powerful bass but >20hz (which isn't a bad thing). I can think of a handful of "scenes" to test out for true ULF. Entering the Grid - Tron Legacy Elysium - laser templates being cycled through before cutting into Bugattipod Captain America: Winter Solider - vending machine Hurt Locker - M2 .50cal scene Lone Survivor - the whole Chinook sequence Edge of Tomorrow - opening title ULF Dredd - interrogation scene Pulse - server scene (~18hz but sustained, trip dem breakers!) and more
  4. Othorn - HT capable?

    All these great posts are giving me a bass boner.
  5. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Why can't these sales exist when I actually have money? lol
  6. New additions for db site (need feedback)

    Agreed. While I technically have a Twitter, I haven't touched it in years. Probably being run by bots by now. Lol.
  7. New additions for db site (need feedback)

    But seriously. Either one sounds like quite a feat to tackle well. As for #1: what kind of "blueprints" are we talking about? Josh Ricci builds (Gjallerhorn, Othorn, Skhorn, etc...) or some other DB-vetted designs? User submitted designs? As for #2: what would be really good for this site is some form of GOOD photo uploading or linking capability. Not sure what it would cost if DB were to HOST the files or if a 3rd party would be better. I use Imgur now and it seems to do the job but not everyone wants to bother with having a photo uploading account. And after the Photobucket thing... I don't blame anyone. Of course, sharing photos and graphs and what not of projects/builds is quite important. But 'social media' integration doesn't seem as critical.
  8. Small yet Mighty. The tale of the 12's

    Hey. This is a neat build. Looks so old school, I love it! You'd never know there is some serious bass gonna come out of it.
  9. Big thanks to SME for fixing the images

    I don't know what any of that means but..... thank you SME for the help.
  10. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    Man.... Sorry to hear that. At least it went out in a blaze of glory. Are you going to replace with another one or use something different?
  11. Both Ragnarok and Justice had mediocre surround/bass mixes theatrically and that is translated perfectly to the home versions. They make Nolan mixes seem pretty damn good in comparison.
  12. Try the DD 5.1 track on the Blu-ray. And yes, I agree. I can not wait for a UHD version that I hope will be better than the BD.
  13. New SVS Ultra 16"

    People like all sorts of crap. That's not too surprising.
  14. Oh yeah, I guess you could have a higher vertical res in some way. I have a triple screen PLP layout at home. I should do some long waterfalls.