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  1. Fixed - pls delete thread
  2. I think you'll like that driver. And yes, a grill is not an option on this cabinet. You could but you'd have to recess the driver for a couple of inches. If you're going with sundown, I still think in terms of home use, the X series would be the way to go for most people. Although I believe they do custom work as well, so if you really wanted a driver for home use with an insane (40mm) amount of clean throw, I guess you could order one.
  3. I wanted to experiment with that, but it's not gonna pass WAF with that big 15" driver in mid air I'm afraid T/S parameters can be found here. http://www.sundownaudio.com/misc/2013_Woofers%28X_Zv4%29/X-Series-Specs/X-15%20D2.jpg Xmax is an honest 30mm, Xmech is around 50mm, so damaging this driver in 'normal' use is nearly impossible. Price is around $430 I chose this driver because it is also readily available in Europe (where I live), and heavy duty subwoofer drivers are very rare over here. It was originally developed for car audio use, but it seems to have good parameters for use in a home environment as well.
  4. 80hz. The dip in that region however is caused by floor/ceiling cancellation. Unfortunately it's the only place I can put a subwoofer in this room.
  5. Unfortunately this room has exactly one location where I can fit a sub, but it does sound good actually! My two little bookshelves run out of steam way before this thing does. It's almost a shame I'm 'only' using this one for music and TV shows (and the occasional movie), I could have very well gotten away with a sealed enclosure.
  6. some quick measurement and 10 min of playing with levels and EQ gives me this. Sounds good. I like this sub.Don't mind the high frequency dropoff, the mic wasn't setup right for full range.
  7. Thanks man! Measurements coming somewhere next week after the livingroom (where this setup will be located) has been refinished. I took some earlier but did not save them, It digs all the way to around 13hz and does so with authority. My little bookshelfs obviously can't keep up at all. I had two captivators in this room (Sold them when I got to a dedicated room as main setup) and it reminds me of them, although with more extension.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, I may have gone overkill on this one. Sounds great though. Tuning ended up at ~14hz due to the stuffing materials used, and overall efficiency went down. It is however still a very capable sub and this driver can move A LOT of air.
  9. Driver on one of my 105l dual opposed subs Big surround
  10. My second build thread! For my secondary system, I have opted for a ported subwoofer. There is room for one subwoofer only here, and due to the leaky nature of the room a ported variant simply works better in my experience. The driver I have chosen is the Sundown X-15 model. It has not yet been tested here on data-bass, but the specs look solid and other models that have been tested were received generally positive. The box will be slightly over 5ft³ (150l) + port volume and built completely out of leftover MDF I still had around. A big slot port will be utilized to counter noise and compression, the tuning frequency should come out around 16hz. The only tools I'm using will be a jigsaw and a sander. No CNC cut materials this time. Anway, some progress pics.
  11. Would be cool if somewhere in the long term we could make a list like that, but made up out of individual scenes. Although most of us probably already know em by heart.
  12. Rewatching Daredevil (2003). What an excellent use of bass and ULF in particular in this movie, it really adds something and was definitely included intentional and not random.
  13. That would be a cool and very handy disk to own! Any chance it can be put up online when it's done?
  14. Sure, although I'm pretty sure the power rating isn't anywhere near 1000w @ 8 ohm down there. That's why I insterted a HPF at 20hz, to relieve the amp a bit. Due to placement issues he wasn't getting much response below anyhow, so it's not a big deal in his case. Same goes for the iNukes some people rave about, I've had these amps side by side and I don't think they're good subamps at all. The XTi 4k and up are much better from what I've heard, haven't had one in my hands though. Still, bang for the buck as far as new equipment goes, nothing beats the FP+ clones. Just ask them for the schematics and put it through a checkup with a local technician/engineer (if you don't have the time like me to learn how to DIY)
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