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  1. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    Don't have one to offer, but how about a midbass monster? http://www.diysoundgroup.com/replacement-parts/mag-12.html
  2. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    I have two used AE IB 15" subs and am toying with the idea of sending you one for testing.Would it be worthwhile even if the Qtc is 1.5 or so in your test box? I imagine I would have to pay shipping both ways, I am located in Minneapolis, MN. What is the chance the sub would survive:) ?
  3. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    Any plans to test AE subwoofers or Bill Fitzmaurice bass horns like the table tuba or THT?
  4. Dayton Audio UM18-22 18" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer

    Is there any meaning to the impulse being negative at time=0 ?