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  1. Is it possible to EQ a sealed driver to equal the equivalent output of the same driver in a ported enclosure? Like can a sealed um18-22 (in its ideal cu ft box) have the same output as a ported um18-22 (in its ideal cu ft box)? Or is that mathematically impossible? Do ported and horns dominate at tuned frequency by law? Or can you actually EQ the shit out of a sealed driver and achieve the same output? OR do you chance destroying the driver in doing so?
  2. Back on topic, how many 18" will it take to equal a 32"? Also, will a 3ft'ish driver avoid some nulls since the size of the cone is so big?
  3. I roughly calculated the cu ft of air space in my open concept room and it's anywhere from 8000 cu ft to 9000 cu ft depending on if you include hallways or not. And if doors are open to other rooms, it will be a lot more. I'm wondering if four FTW21s on a clone will be enough? Especially for single digits? Two will be up front facing MLP and the other two will be end tables about 12-14ft away from front two. If I need to time align, then I'll need to get the four channel 20000q over the fp14k. But the 20000q may be too much amp for the ftw21s?
  4. How does the sound quality of an HTPC motherboard hdmi (Gigabyte, Asus, etc) compare to an Oppo? Is it better? Worse? Same? Is the signal flat to 1-2hz? Etc?
  5. There's a new thread on AVS talking about a new 32" IST (Mach 5) http://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/2244754-new-ist-mach-5-32-sub-thread.html Looks very interesting! That thing is HUGE!
  6. I don't notice the fan noise on my inuke that's 12ft away in an open cabinet facing me. My HTPC is a LOT louder. I disconnected the front fan on the HTPC since it is using an SSD drive and has zero heat issues. I'm not sure how much louder the fans are on other amps such as the fp14k, etc? Seems like fan noise is more of a concern on critical listening with music, which is almost a professional sport to some!
  7. mlah384

    HST18 / HS24

    I was under the impression that the HS24's 1500w rating was conservative for warranty purposes? That it actually would handle double that continuously? Especially for theater purposes...
  8. On the cooling issue, I used to overclocked CPU's a lot back in the 90's and early 2000's. Before water cooling was around, we found that the best way to air cool a computer case was to have it pressurized with more air coming in than was being "pulled" out. So we had more fans pushing air in to the case and fewer fans sucking the air out. We tried it both ways but the cases that were pressurized with air always had lower core CPU temps as well as internal case temps. I'm not sure if the same thing would work for an amp or not...
  9. mlah384

    HST18 / HS24

    Yes... so if someone were to use an FP14k, how would 4 FTW's compare to 4 HS24's? Is it a drastic difference? Also, are they both comparable in power handling?
  10. mlah384

    HST18 / HS24

    How does the HS24 and the FTW-21 compare? Is the HS24 drastically better? Marginally? Or?
  11. mlah384

    HST18 / HS24

    I saw pics on the AVS forum of someone's staircase cracking and separating from the wall/house due to bass. I forget who it was, maybe N8dogg? I guess the larger your room and the more open it is, the less chances of destruction?
  12. Bossobass, what's your thoughts on the 20000q clone? Have you had a chance to test/play with a 20000q clone? Or have you entertained the idea of selling the 20000q?
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