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  1. I appriciate your offer lukedaman. Besides the egoistic party that I want the plans , I just wanted to point out the "access problem" and suggested an easy yet secured solution independend of the creator.
  2. Hello everybody! I opened this topic for the people (like me) who are interested in the latest plans for Ricci's famous Othorn. Since it is not so easy to get hands on the plans, at least from the designer himself, it might be nice if the plans could be attached in this thread (and if desired by Ricci making this thread visible only to members?). Maybe the same for the Gjallarhorn and renaming this thread or even make a new one. myselphabet To be deleted: I hope, they aren't already uploaded in this forum, making this post redundant. I searched in here, on AVS and on diya for a while and was unable to find the PDF at least. I got one from a friend which dates 03/05/11, which is older than the SolidWorks pictures by Rice in the other forum's threads. Anyway, it would be nice to have the latest PDF, SolidWorks and maybe a SketchUp uploaded in here for future generations of Othorn (and Gjallarhorn) builders.
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