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  1. I liked the movie but Jeff Bridges portrayal was just dreadful.
  2. I purchased this flick when it came out and am I ever glad I did. Yeah the acting ranged from good to bad depending on character but there was a story line, the special FX were brilliant, color was eye popping. The sountrack was also stellar with crazy use of the surrounds and nice deep bass. I like this movie far better than the 2nd Avengers film.
  3. My first post on this site. Two years back, I purchased an entry level sub from Rythmik, their LV12-R. It was a huge step up from my previous PSB Subsonic5. I'm really enamoured with it and how tuneful this ported sub is. I wish Database would review this sub just to see how it compares to other entry level subs from SVS, Reaction, and PSA. Do you have any Rythmik subs that are planned for review in the near future?
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