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  1. 16hz lover

    HST18 / HS24

    Success stories are always fun to read . Sad to see so many people spending their money on subwoofer drivers and have rapidly declining response below 20hz. The "sub" in the word subwoofer, means below audability . Yet some people spew seminal fluid wildly when they are able to get 130db @40hz, and only 60db @ 15hz Please post up pictures of the structural damage your house incurs.
  2. Thanks for going through so much trouble to share all the graphics with us, again highly impressive work. I just wish I lived next door to you.
  3. That's my point, which seems to be dismissed here, or I should say ignored. That's like arguing over a Corvette and a Lambo where both are within .125 seconds in a 1/4 mile drag strip but one costs 70K and the other 140K or more. So you're going to ignore the extra cost and just dwell on the performance difference? But some people would rather ignore a busload of oiled up naked porn stars that just broke down in front of their house, and instead stay behind their PC and argue for their brand of choice.
  4. I find this thread highly educational, but I am also dismayed knowing that 75% of the people have never actually heard the 24. Yes,make it known right now that I am heavily biased in favor of the 24, I'm old and I've heard lots of subs in this life. In my younger days I use to read all the hi-fi Buyers Guides with tons of specs listed. Then I started spending more time going to stereo shops (car and home) listening to every woofer/speaker I could find. This revealed that specs were relatively meaningless in the real world. What speakers do in actual rooms instead of anechoic chambers cannot be more opposite, and yes, I've spent some time in the one we had at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. To me, woofers have a personality( a soul ) that is visceral, and naturally different in every room. That's what is so great about attending a Hi-Fi show and being able to listen to 100+ rooms of audio gear that I have read about in the magazines and finding out that the reviewers have very limited experience, especially in the world of subwoofers. None of them have ever experienced the bass that Dave or Brandon displayed at their GTG's Criticizing, scrutinizing, and micro-analyzing a driver that you have never heard or felt, is rather unfair. Just my worthless 2 cents, and I have my flame suit on, so blast away.
  5. Dave: Being a perfectionist at heart, I'm still highly impressed by the huge WAF those subs exhibit. Your whole room impressed me and instills motivation for my smaller version of it in my house. Thanks for the hard work you put in to your products. When asked for referrals to subwoofers, yours are going to be the first product I mention. Love the pic, thanks for posting it up for us. I think you may be on to a new profit center with the air purifier thing. Just install a nice turbo fan in the top and draw air from the bottom, passing through 3-4 carbon filters on the way up.
  6. NIck's Dad finally joined the forum. I want to thank Dave, Paul. Virginia, and Tim for having us down to their great house. I really needed to hear Dave's HT room setup, and finally see his outstanding subwoofers. I first got to the top of the stairs and upon entering the HT room, noticed that it was painted the gray color that I've selected for my own stereo room along with the light gray trim. The whole finely decorated room was just fun to be in. After having the worst year of my life this year, it was great therapy to hear Dave's subs deliver chest-pounding, clean subwoofage. And have it measured by top-notch equipment which eliminates all the BS and subjective opinions by the arm-chair, micro-analyzing, acoustical wannabe engineers on the forums( most of them don't even own subwoofers, we all know who I'm talking about). It was also fun once again to see the son of my dreams have his great subs be scrutinized and measured by the experts, and then receiving unanimous praise on the success of his design. The younger generation usually surpasses their parents best efforts, and this is the case here. I had a 24" Hartley subwoofer driver when Nick was first getting started.(it had a whopping 5mm of travel...lol) Dave, thank Virginia again for all the great food ( I needed that slice of Key Lime Pie like I needed another hole in my head). And I'll look forward to getting together with you again, and thank you for the invitation come down there with Nick. It was great to talk to the rest of the guys there too, we had some great conversations going on. Marty
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