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  1. Correct. Paul wanted the Dash V to be as affordable as possible, so rackmount was tossed. He's the driver for this product. Designed, assembled, Alpha tested, Beta tested, subjective SQ tested, measured and approved by Machine Head.
  2. Although the Dash V has all of the uses mentioned, it's primary purpose is for sealed system users to... I've added an amplifier page to the web site that details the maniacally hard work we've done this year putting together a wide array of power plant options. Spent scads o dough, tested, cooked, tossed, modded, tested and liked lots of candidates. Through all of that, Paul Frankensteined the Dash V. It is exactly what it's advertised to be. The SEQSS is a no-holds-barred high end analog signal shaper that's specifically designed for the Blackbird and Raptor systems, respectively. It has 9 preset transformed curves. Each curve is easily dialed in using 2 control knobs, 3 positions each. The Dash V is an infinitely variable parameters native sealed response transform device. Now you see why we call it the Dash V. Both units are flat to <3 Hz, quiet and have plenty of headroom to destroy your system without clipping the power supply rails and are very simple to operate with excellent results, not to mention astoundingly low priced. BTW, for anyone interested, Sealed EQ'd Signal Shaper was the working name-turned-acronym. The acronym is also pronounced SEX, phonetically, of course. SEX and Dash V. Hope this helps. I'll announce the new web site launch as soon as I have the shopping cart sorted out with the new hardware products. We've only just decided to do a production run of the Dash V, so the parts are being fabbed as I write and should be arriving in a couple of weeks.
  3. I was an early member and supporter of AVS. The last several years I was a member there, I posted exclusively at AVS. Fuck AVS and the horse it died on. Are you really coming here to expose Nick's bad AVS posting habits to DB members? The beginning of the end, when the new owners took possession, was the Chase bullshit there. You know, send your little groupies out to flag every post by the member you want out, then the AVS 'mods', who are generally asleep or counting ad revenues until flagged, delete your "offensive" post(s) and send you a form letter with infractions or temp ban or perm ban. Shit products from a cheap copy artist. The rest was pure bullshit. Glad the few of us called it out and glad he's gone. The price? Those of us who called out the crapola no longer post at AVS. The last straw for me was the return of the big swinging dick, tommy, and his laughable spew of "I have more experience than all of the so-called AVS experts combined" flagging anyone who verbally took exception to such blatant hubris while with the same stroke he attacked the person(s) publicly. More shit products from a cheap copy artist. No one has ever used more forums to market his stuff for free, nor bullied opposing opinions more than TBGH. He is the epitome of the new AVS. AVS is strictly a politically correct marketing tool, not a forum for exchange of ideas, new and old. If you don't mind being flagged for calling out shit products and lunatic claims while pop-up ads fill the screen, it's the place to be. Have at it and stop whining when anyone here takes a nice plump dump on it. Where is the data? Links to this and other sites don't count. Why do you think Max, Abraham and myself moved MWB to this forum? Does anyone here really think Nick is guilty of faking specs or too stupid to post them correctly? Really? Does anyone actually believe that the long-in-the-tooth, here today, gone tomorrow, here again next week, grossly overpriced LMS-Ultra-18" driver competes with Nick's products? Really? Nick reacts to criticism badly, so I've heard. Should he post any info at AVS? IMO, hell no. Anyone with half a brain who contributed over the years at AVS is long gone. Should he down a few beers and take the troll bait? Absolutely not, again, IMO. I really don't give a whip what he does with his time in the final analysis. But, hands down, he's the guy I go to when I have specific driver needs and I'm never gonna be so stupid as to agree with anyone who posts baloney like he lists fake specs and doesn't know what he's doing.
  4. This bums me out. I always bring my Nikon to these events. But, this time I thought 'Man, all these guys have hi-rez video/still pics cameras on their maxi-pads, so why bring the camera rig?' I can't believe no one took vid/pics.
  5. Actually, Josh answered his own question. "An inner mag shorting ring is mentioned...". If the pole piece was clad, it would certainly be noteworthy and since it was not mentioned the likelihood that the driver utilized one was remote. Nick, there will always be posters who hate you for not being them. It was pretty apparent to me what you meant by your answer. I understand that you aren't going to post the motor specifics before production. Were it me, I wouldn't do so even after the production model has been cast in concrete. If someone is that interested, they can buy a couple and tear them apart to satisfy their curiosity. It's another excellent option. Keep up the good work.
  6. Having attended GTGs across the USA over the past decade and a half, it's always been my opinion that hard data makes for a much more enjoyable and memorable experience. Our memories fade but the data remains to jerk us back to reality. SpecLab is my favorite tool. Seeing that monitor scroll the content in real time as we watch a flick or listen to hits is priceless. Here's a perfect example: Dave's Marianna playing the chopper scene from LS. If you only examined the SL comparo of digital to mic'd at the seats, you'd walk away saying that the sub clocked around 30% THD of the 6 Hz fundamental. But, having the linear graph of the response at the mic to examine along with the comparo graphs, you see that H1 is down -7dB while H2 is boosted +5dB (a feature of Brandon's room at the main LP) at the mic. The details matter and having the details at your disposal is so cool. Paul mentioned the SEQSS-V (working name: Dash V) earlier in the thread. He designed it because of the volume of requests for a separate SEQSS. Of course, most don't realize that the SEQSS is specific to the BB and Raptor systems and isn't a plug-in solution for other sealed systems. So, Paul decided to design a "variable' SEQSS version that's adaptable to any sealed system. The proto he left with Brandon lacks the case, switch, I/O jacks and knobs (because he wanted Brandon to have one first and show what it can do before the rest of the hardware comes in). Here is what it will look like and the back will have RCA in and RCA and XLR out as well as the wall wart barrel jack. The case is brushed anodized aluminum, as are the knobs. It's a top quality little piece and, as we like to say in the development lab... ANALOG RULES! The Dash V will be available soon at <$200. The cases and parts are on their way now. The web site has been completely redone with links to a secure shopping cart and will reflect the Dash V's availability when officially launched.
  7. A Beast GTG, what is there to say? If you missed it, you missed everything there is to miss. After years and years, I got to meet the Simonian. That was a highlight. Since we've been on the air since the late 90s, I was stunned to find out Scott first logged into a subwoofer forum when he was 16 years old. Fuckin' awesome to meet you, my friend. After years and years, I finally got to meet Max Mercy. Dude walks in, and says, "Hey everybody, John S------." It went straight over my head. As the general convo continued, someone asked him his SN. "I'm maxmercy." BAM! Extraordinary man, pleasure to meet and glad to have had the opportunity to converse with at length. Many talents, many interests and much fun. After years and years, I get to meet the ship's android, Data, as in Data_Bass, Musician, sub builder, measurements tech, latent hippie and all around interesting young man, Josh Ricci. We have many things in common, except that I'm a hundred and he (and the rest of the crowd) are young fellas. Enjoyed talking with and overhearing your other convos as the day progressed into night. Oh, hell yeah. Rowdy Roddy Brandon. The Beast From Still Country. Always smilin', always accommodating, always making everyone glad they made the arduous trip. Superb upgrades to the HT, SQ extraordinaire, fabulous (now centered) seating, Atmos/DTS-X ready sound and balls-out low end. You're the man, my friend. No bout a doubt it. Dave "Jersey Boy". Always a great convo with an interesting guy. I HAVE to get up there to the Jersey shore and make a couple of days of it. I'm positive it will be a trip to remember and hosted by another stellar example of the profession. Steve... I hope NSA was listening in because we solved the world's problems in under an hour. Awesome stuff. Glad to see you and great to talk with you. Dave. Awesome products. Wishing you all the best in that enterprise and always available to offer any accumulated knowledge I have that you may be interested in. But, the gratitude this trip goes to your detailed explanation of the health issue that's been most on my mind over the last month or so. Thanks for the heads up and the free testing. Really, it made the trip ever so much more enjoyable in that I could relax for the first time in a while. Man, I forget the name of the new dad. He knows who I'm talking about. Great to see you again and kiss that beautiful little baby boy for me. Congrats on a job well done and for having an attitude that I envy and that inspires me to smile more often. Adam. I can't expound here because it would take up too much virtual ink. It was a blast having you stay and making the trip up to the mountains and back with you. I had a lot of things weighing on me and took some of that out on you. Having a big lug to absorb some grief in stride is something I can't easily repay, if ever. Hey to you and yours. I hope the trip back got you home safe and sound and looking forward to getting up with y'all soon. There was a new guy there and I forgot his name because I'm old. I hope he chimes in because it was great to meet him as well. Also, props to the maniacal car stereo dude who left Matt speechless with an altered heart rate and temporarily deaf. He was at the remote control late into the even when I happened to be sitting in front of one of Nick's HST-18s. My back still smarts a bit. Nick. Wow. HT-18s. HST-18s. HS-24s. The new DS4-18. They, of course, were the stars of the show. I appreciate you more than you know. Sorry your old man couldn't make it. His absence made me the oldest guy there by too far a margin. Paul. Machine head. The data makes the GTG a whole different event. Most importantly, as memories fade, the data remains. I LOVE watching SpecLab scrol the low end content in real time as we watch a flick or listen to hits. I watched intently as they screened John Wick because I've SL graphed those gunshots and remember the bandwidth to <3 Hz. The first time through, the low end response was rolled off just <15 Hz. After the SEQSS-V (working name: Dash V) was inserted and quickly tweaked, the SL graphs showed the huge increase in playback accuracy, adding 2-1/2 octaves to the presentation. I know sitting in the cubby hole patching cables, setting levels, measuring and matching gain, running loop throughs of the signal chain, separately and collectively, working in the dark with a pen light, naming and capping SL graphs as fast as they come and go on the big screen and ending the night with data that's as reliable as it gets... is an AWESOME feat. Matt. Thanks for being there, packing my special diet needs food, lugging hardware, positive attitude and mingler-extraordinaire. I know this was your first GTG. You picked a great one. I hope you had a good time. I hope you make it out to more of them down the road. The rest of the attendees will have to forgive me for the omission here, but rest assured I'll remember whomever it is eventually because everyone there was unforgettable. To all of you mega pixel phone owners... No pics? You jaded bunch of meat heads.
  8. Since we're all confessing... I've never built a subwoofer in my life. I got the kid down the street to sell me his sub and the Raptor is just a pile of end tables that my doctor was throwing out when he redecorated his waiting rooms. Me and Paul jump up and down on the floor when Speclab is running.
  9. Just watched Tomorrowland with the better half. No comments yet, but here's the single scene that's loaded with ULF. I'll wait until someone with full bandwidth playback catches which scene. First one to post the correct chapter and scene description wins.
  10. Well, it's very easy to judge the reaction from someone who is accused of various points of incompetence at what he does to feed his family. Sorry, but where I come from, them's fightin' words. What if Nick tracks down whichever member's career and posts alleged mistakes in and various negative comments about his conduct at work, etc.? We get lost in the fact that for most of those who post this is just a fun hobby and not how we make a living.
  11. Exactly spot on. Who posts any data regarding their Xmax numbers? 30 mm is HUGE throw. I've seen lots of subwoofer manufacturers claim "... 2" of peak to peak excursion!!!" On 99% of them I call bullshit. Show me. Show me that driver moving 1" each way using a 10 Hz sine and with SpecLab running in the background in the vid. We've pushed the BHT-15 to 30 mm one way throw, mechanically measured. Pure violence. We pushed the HST-15 to >40 mm one way throw, mechanically measured. The most excursion I've ever measured in any 15" driver that I didn't need a shop vac to clean its brains off the wall afterward. That's no bullshit. It's a fact. What would Klippel results have been during that exercise? Who the hell cares? I don't. A quote from Paul in the Mini GTG thread: This was challenged as being grossly in error due to blah, blah, blah. I take little if anything for granted in this arena and I say with confidence that I take Paul's measurements as truth until proven otherwise, whether it be millimeters or voltage peaks. I assisted in the throw measurement. The posted result is extremely accurate. We've tested the burst capability of the amplifier used in that exercise for 4 years and we know its capabilities well enough. Those are the facts, the rest is noise from the peanut gallery. It's SO like the BMW-M5 owner pissing and moaning about the Cadillac CTS-V bitch slapping the Beemer in a R&T article. Bwahahaha... save your dynamo data dude... you got whupped, go home and deal with it.
  12. Hey Nick. Nice driver. Paul mentioned the drama at AVS over this driver and I poked my head in the thread for a few minutes. Amazing stuff, all that Klippel baloney, etc. Seems every time there was ever a driver that was obviously in the "uber" category, there were experts ripping into every conceivable atom of speculative performance parameter vs stated specifications. In my somewhat vast experience in reading these sorts of empty discussions, which are in reality just ego posts to determine a pecking order of who knows the most terminology and who has the most time with a modeling program, they usually just tell you who will never actually build a system and report the results using the actual source material the driver was intended to reproduce. Josh has tested enough drivers in the sub category from PE, SI, Fi, ISL, B&C, JBL, MTX, Sundown, etc. Any of them "Klippeled"? Does it matter? If the system is designed and built correctly for the app, the X-max is not particularly important, or certainly shouldn't be. The truly pertinent information is many times completely lost in the elbowing and shoving and name-dropping bullshit those threads are rife with. Is the manny reliable?, Is the price reasonable? Is the driver up to the task of the violence required to reproduce complex, dynamic and extremely low frequency and wide bandwidth sound design effects without flaming out or tearing apart? Then, awesome! Welcome it into the folds with open arms and due appreciation and leave the thread open for the guys who will actually buy them, build systems with them and post data of the results of their performance in actual and average rooms playing actual soundtrack source. Nah... too much to ask... just day dreaming again. Gotta stay away from those threads...
  13. Pixels. Will update title block when voting is complete. I had Shreds cap the 2 most difficult scenes to reproduce full bandwidth. Max mentions the first one below in the general thread. Steve Boeddeker and Gary Summers looks like a lethal design/mix team.
  14. Actually, IMO, ideal size depends on the Vas of the driver. The stiffer the suspension (the lower the Vas), the smaller the air spring (enclosure size). A general formula I use is Vas * 40-50%. Final size should be determined by the amount of power you want to feed the system with. For example, the HST-15s have a Vas of 5 ft^3. Times 40% = 2 cubes of box and .5 = 2.5 cubes. We put them in 2.25 cubes and according to my decade long preferences, they worked very well in that space. The HST-18s have a Vas that's exactly double that of the 15s, so doubling the box volume to 4-5 cubes would be my ideal. The Vas of the FTW-21 is listed as 18 ft^3. I would put them in 7.2-9 cubes, averaged to 8 cubes, as a start, then experiment with signal shaping and power plant to arrive at the ideal symbiosis. So, the general rule of +3dB per 3" nominal diameter increase and double box size per 3" nominal diameter increase has held pretty true over 100 or so sealed box system builds over the years. Use less power for larger box and more power for smaller, within the driver's power handling capability and intended source and in-room response. Add multiples to arrive at desired playback levels.
  15. Correct, you add approximately 3dB going from 15"==>18"==>21"==24", respectively. That's just raw displacement math and it assumes a correct increase in air spring as displacement capability increases. Math also disregards power handling, mechanical noise, non-linearity, etc. You can get away with 2 cubes per 15" but, as Josh notes, no way you gain anything by cramming bigger drivers in that space. We put a pair of HST-15s in approximately 4.5 cubes net, obviously 2.25 cubes per 15. They do exceptionally well in that space, assuming proper signal shaping, low signal chain roll off, matched amplifier power and gain matched signal chain. The 18" version needs double the air space. Approximately doubling the air space per 3dB increase in ULF output works fairly well, within the same platform of driver.
  16. First custom signal shaper... free shipping to Australia. Disclaimer: If caught posting pics that happen to show errant settings, ownership is forfeited and the unit must be returned. I don't see how you'll best the HST-18, so I wouldn't wait. Build it. Build a new one if the future turns your head.
  17. PIXELS Just watched the whole flick at reference with the subs running a few dB hot. Stupendous low end. Tons of it. There are 2 scenes that taxed my Raptor system 3. I won't say which until there's a pinned thread, but I will say that one of them has strongest effect frequency content centered at 4 Hz but with a spread of simultaneous freqs to cross. BRUTAL! This soundtrack is huge with content to 1 Hz, at least, and the musical score is great as well. Awesome mix. Jumping the gun and voting 5 stars, with it's hands tied behind it's back, and a strong buy, which I shall do tomorrow afternoon. I've been waiting for a soundtrack like this for a long time. I was beginning to think the filter monster had bitten every sound man in the movie biz.
  18. Nick is the all-arounf best driver supplier for serious low end system builds in my 20 years involved with DIY subwoofers. He's amenable to specific needs within any of his stock platforms and offers the most displacement in a single driver in all categories of Sd, Until recently, he has been happy to build one-offs of a certain driver, like the HST-15" version he whipped up for the GTG and that we had the best time torturing and then seriously testing, for single retail end-users. The guy has taken lots of heat for trying to be a participant at AVS and other forums while being himself and in the moment. Who'd a thunk that would be a bad thing? My guess is that shills were dispatched to harass him, but the real reason is irrelevant. Sadly, I must admit, I was one of, if not the first guy, to post negativity in the AVS DIY thread when Nick introduced the HT series with a pic of the surround stitching running off the surround. Since then, I've gained the due respect for SI and Nick. He knows what he's doing, his product is consistently excellent and the course of product improvement is constant. I don't know if he'll reconsider building a pair of special drivers here and there, but I certainly hope he will. In the past, many serious DIY designs have been derailed by the crash and burn of Adire (Tumult, Tumult MKII, Brahma, et al), Haskins (Maelstrom-X, Tempest-X, et al), AE (AV-15, et al), Acoupower (18", 15") and great parts dealers like Kyle Richardson (Acoustic Visions), Brian Bunge (RAD Home Theater), etc. Support Nick while he's still willing to make next to nothing supplying raw drivers to the DIY market, IMO, FWIW, YMMV. I've been extremely busy sorting out health issues (doing Superman well now, thanks), setting up a shopping cart and CC payment gateway for the checkout pages, a complete re-do of the website, checking out the brand new amplifier line and looking at a custom solution adjustable SEQSS very low cost alternative to the Bassis and other less subwoofer friendly signal shaping choices. The new site and linked shopping cart, containing all of the new info and limited supply Raptor systems sale will launch sometime in the next two weeks (remember to refresh your caches) after a series of set backs caused by supplies, supplier changes and IT glitches, etc. And, I'll be back here to update more specifically with test results, pics, etc. We'll be cooking up some very nice stuff with Nick later on, so stay tuned and happy subbing.
  19. We found Pixels to be no sillier a premise than Avengers or Mad Max or Jurassic World and typical of the majority of the Adam Sandler library. As a MWB, the caps speak for themselves. More specifically, the low end effects, which you can see are extremely wide bandwidth, are quite unique and easily discernible as such when audibly scrutinized. It's a heavyweight. I don't know about the level because my system is in test flux and not calibrated and my PC for SL and REW is being replaced and not on line, so I inquired above because it might be required pre-info before the bassheads grab this one and let it rip. Sound design and re-recording mixer Steve Boeddeker who did sound design for Tron:Legacy, Hellboy and X-Men has been around the block, working his way up. He goes back to the 90s, including Sound Effects Editor credit for Fight Club. Looking forward to more Design/Mix work from this guy. Pixels is a contender for MWB of the year, IMO, script/score/acting quality notwithstanding.
  20. Hmmmm Where's the data for Mad Max, Jurassic Park and Pixels? Nube, Max, you guys retire? I just had Paul graph some scenes from Pixels, which has some srious content. I had previously seen hide nor hair about it. Bummer.
  21. Agreed. The exercise is to see what's encoded on the soundtrack. Signal chain disparities are infinite and have nothing to do with what source an amplifier can reproduce. We already have a good idea how systems perform with internal signal manipulation using current test methods. For example: A mic'd version of this example, using soundtrack source, would reveal a huge distortion in presentation. That is more a matter of the amplifier/alignment/price/performance/driver(s) relationship than what the amplifier alone might be able to present in a waveform comparison. The better comparison is what happens at the listening position, which includes the room, the system and the signal chain and the typically ham fisted post smoothing EQ.
  22. It might be worth trying the exercise of repeating the test with the VPL set to decreasing values until it actually kicks in? BTW and FYI, Music Group (who has owned LG since April of this year) is Behringer.
  23. Just finished watching the Jurassic flick. There's low end in it, but the movie is for 3 year olds, IMO. Other than the big 'osaurs, the movie is a giant snooze. Where's Jeff Goldblum when you need him?
  24. I agree that something is not right. Did you try bridging the amp?
  25. Lab Gruppen (1979) ==> TGI Group (2000) ==> TC Group (2002) ==> Music Group (April 2015) Random foreign forum post: The IPD-2400 is purportedly made in Taiwan. Most user-reviews like it for SQ, size and lower price (vs typical LG pricing), but it's obviously not an output monster.
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